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Maya Hawke Unveils Vulnerable “Dark” From Upcoming Album Chaos Angel

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Following the release of “Missing Out” last month, Maya Hawke returns with a more introspective offering, “Dark,” the second single from her forthcoming album Chaos Angel, due out May 31st via Mom+Pop.

“Dark” delves into the complexities of navigating new love while grappling with past hurts and anxieties. Hawke explains, “‘Dark’ is a cut and dry love song about a relationship struggling to find its footing… It’s about trying to sort out the mixed bag of history and pain two people bring into a new love to find the path forward.”

The song’s origins lie in a personal struggle with bedtime anxiety. “The chorus was written a few years ago when I was going through a particularly debilitating bout of bedtime anxiety,” Hawke reveals. “I saw a doctor who told me that I had to become okay with dying… And I wrote this song to celebrate it.”

Chaos Angel, Hawke’s third album, expands upon the raw honesty that has become a hallmark of her songwriting. Co-created with longtime collaborators Christian Lee Huston, Benjamin Lazar Davis, and Will Graefe, the album promises to be a deeply personal exploration of love, loss, and self-discovery. The accompanying music video, once again directed by Alex Ross Perry, complements the song’s introspective nature with a visually striking aesthetic.

Chaos Angel builds upon the foundation laid by Hawke’s previous releases, Blush and Moss. While retaining the acoustic intimacy that defines her sound, the new album incorporates richer and more intricate instrumentation. Lyrically, Chaos Angel delves deeper into themes of growth, self-reflection, and the challenges of navigating relationships. The album chronicles personal upheavals, revelations, and the ever-present struggle to understand oneself.

Musically, Chaos Angel represents a confident step forward for Hawke as an artist. The album’s ten tracks showcase her evolving sound, incorporating lush arrangements while retaining the raw vulnerability that resonates with listeners. Despite exploring darker themes, Chaos Angel ultimately arrives at a place of acceptance and growth. “The only thing to regret is the time I’ve spent regretting,” Hawke concludes. Chaos Angel serves as a portrait of an artist confronting her past, embracing the present, and continuing to evolve.

In celebration of the album’s release, Hawke has announced a string of special record release shows. She performs double sets at Third Man Records in Nashville on June 1st, followed by a show at Atlanta’s Buckhead Theatre on June 2nd.