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Anastasia Solay’s ‘Heart of a Star’ Glimmers With Velvet Voices And Vivid Visions

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Emerging talent, Anastasia Solay, unveils her latest 10-track album, Heart of a Star. This record is a unique blend of traditional Jazz/Blues and contemporary styles, highlighted by the singer’s distinctive, velvety voice and an engaging stage aura. The collection, including “Bloom,” “Heart of a Star,” “Nice To Be Nice,” “Start A Fire,” “Now I’ll Learn,” “Keep Rocksteady,” “Notes Stay,” “Candlelight,” “Remember Beauty,” “Tell the Sky,” take listeners on an emotive journey. 

The album’s core themes revolve around the soul’s resilience and love’s transformative power. It’s an ode to life’s beauty, encouraging listeners to stay hopeful and impactful even in adversity. Each track is a narrative in itself, from “Bloom,” which symbolizes personal growth, to “Nice to Be Nice,” celebrating life’s simple joys. 

Anastasia Solay

“Heart of a Star” and “Start A Fire” interweave dreamy love concepts with self-reflection. “Now I’ll Learn” and “Keep Rocksteady” reflect on personal evolution and steadiness amidst life’s ebbs and flows. The reflective “Notes Stay” emphasizes the enduring impact of past experiences. 

Towards the album’s end, Anastasia Solay’s “Remember Beauty” calls for appreciating life’s wonders, while “Candlelight” offers comfort in themes of love and loss. The concluding track, “Tell the Sky,” leaves listeners with a message of gratitude and love. 

Solay’s artistry merges classical influences like Tchaikovsky with the soulful essence of Etta James and the iconic energy of Michael Jackson. Anastasia’s deep involvement in her music’s creation, from composing to production, is evident in this album’s originality and emotional richness, further enhanced by a skilled sound engineer and talented musicians.

Listen to the full album below: