Beabadoobee Unveils Mesmerizing Live In LA Album: A Musical Gift to Loyal Fans

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In a heartfelt gesture to her dedicated fanbase, Beabadoobee, the talented Filipino indie-pop sensation, has presented a captivating concert album titled Live In LA. Recorded at the iconic Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, the album captures the essence of Beabadoobee’s live performances and celebrates the immense support she received throughout the year.

The album features a collection of fan favorites, showcasing the versatility and depth of Beabadoobee’s musical repertoire. Among the standout tracks are the viral sensations “Glue Song” and “The Way Things Go,” along with gems from her albums Fake It Flowers and Beatopia.

Beabadoobee’s musical journey reached new heights as she opened for Taylor Swift during various dates of the Eras Tour. In an interview with People, she shared insights into her creative process while on the road, expressing her renewed passion for songwriting and the inspiration drawn from the tour experience.

“I’ve written so much recently, it’s like something in my brain where I’m like, all right, I’m back on my songwriting thing,” said Bea. “I’ve been planning on writing the next album and I’ve had ideas for it for ages and I’ve already had some songs here and there, but I’ve been finishing half-written songs and making new ones just yesterday. And it’s all really inspiring.”

Beabadoobee Live In LA Cover Art

Tracklist of Live In LA:

  1. “Talk”
  2. “Apple Cider”
  3. “10:36”
  4. “Together”
  5. “Charlie Brown”
  6. “Care”
  7. “She Plays Bass”
  8. “Last Day On Earth”
  9. “Pictures Of Us”
  10. “Animal Noises”
  11. “The Perfect Pair”
  12. “See You Soon”
  13. “Sunny Day”
  14. “Glue Song”
  15. “Don’t Get The Deal”
  16. “You Lie All The Time”
  17. “Back To Mars”
  18. “Cologne”
  19. “The Way Things Go”
  20. “Coffee”
  21. “Fairy Song”

Live In LA is a testament to Beabadoobee’s magnetic stage presence and her ability to resonate with audiences worldwide. As she wraps up a remarkable year, this album serves as a token of gratitude to fans who have been integral to her journey.