Blink’s Energetic Fusion in “Leave This Club”: A Dive into His Creative Process

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In an enlightening interview, Blink shares insights into his latest track, “Leave This Club.”He aims to provide his listeners with a vibrant, party vibe, combining a dance-ready sound with an emotionally uplifting narrative. 

The song’s bold lyric, “Now I don’t really know what it is, but tonight I think I’m having me some kids,” reflects Blink’s exhilaration from the club atmosphere and his playful fantasy about the women he encounters. 

Blink ‘s music, deeply influenced by Florida’s vibrant nightlife, blends solitude with the high-energy environment, creating tracks that capture the essence of a lively night out.

Congratulations on the release of “Leave This Club.” Is there a particular story behind the creation of this track? How did you blend narrative with a dance floor-ready sound, and what emotional impact do you aim for with this song?

When It comes to my listeners I want to give a good chilling party club vibe that gives you a good bouncing feeling.

blink leave this club

The lyric “Now I don’t really know what it is, but tonight I think I’m having me some kids” is bold and lively. Can you share the inspiration behind it and its connection to your song’s core message?

It’s just an amazing feeling seeing a bunch of beautiful women that I can party with at the club. And honestly if it was up to me, I would marry each and every one of them!

Considering your love for solitude and reflection, how has the bustling environment of Florida shaped your music, especially tracks like “Leave This Club,” which embody the high energy of a night out? 

After leaving my cosy place of residence I step outside only to see the beautiful Florida palm trees mixed with a chilly windy breeze. This scenery will make any man want to leave his home and go out to explore the mystic nightlife vibes

From the sounds of “Wanna Party” to “Leave This Club,” there’s a clear thread of positive, uplifting energy. How do you maintain this signature vibe, and what do you do to evolve it with each new release? 

Well with each release that I launch I guarantee my audience a positive and confident vibe that will always be uplifting!

Can you share an insight or a lesson you’ve taken from your idols and influences that you apply to your own path in the music industry?

Growing up as a young man I was always inspired by legends like Usher, Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake and many more that had positive music and a groovy sound that keeps your head banging. This helped me along the way in my musical journey by implementing such catchy hooks like Janet Jackson and having a fresh sense of dress and style like Usher to today’s modern music.

blink leave this club

With a background in both Geography and Accounting, how do these disciplines inform your songwriting and the business side of your music career? Are there any parallels between these worlds that you’ve discovered? 

Accounting helps me manage my money and geography helps me pick out what is selling in different regions of the world.

Your songs carry a unique fusion of classic and modern influences; can you share a specific moment or memory from your childhood that you feel has directly inspired your current musical aesthetic? 

I would always see my parents dancing around the house, playing upbeat and positive grooving tunes, encouraging me to implement them to my music.

Listen to the “Leave This Club” below: