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Empowering Echoes: Emily’s “Signora” – A Fusion of Femininity and Cultural Pride

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Signora” by Emily De Nando is an empowering anthem, blending English and Italian lyrics to celebrate independence and self-respect among women. She aspires for the song to be a source of strength and inspiration, helping women recognize their worth and embrace their feminine power. 

The bilingual aspect, particularly the Italian phrase “Sono una signora” (I am a lady), reinforces Emily’s cultural identity and amplifies the song’s message of pride and empowerment. The music conveys the emotional complexity of desirability and unattainability, with a self-centered, strong, and independent woman at its core. 

Emily masterfully balances classical elegance with modern vibes, using saxophones, violins, and electronic beats to evoke both tradition and contemporary feminism. “Signora” is a statement on femininity, freedom, and societal norms, encouraging women to prioritize themselves, fight for equality, and embrace their inviolable right to freedom. 

The music video, filmed in a 16th-century Italian villa, reflects this empowerment and cultural pride, making “Signora” a resonant piece for women worldwide.

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How do you hope “Signora” resonates with your audience, especially with women who relate to the themes of independence and self-respect?

I hope “Signora,” with its beat and its vibe, empowers all the women who listen to it. With the lyrics and the sound I created, I wanted to express strength and powerful energy that I hope will inspire and help women to go through life, knowing and always remembering their worth. I like to write and compose songs thinking about women. I try to embrace the feminine power and put it into my music with the purpose of supporting girls like me, who believe and stand for the same values I do: freedom and equality.

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The blend of English and Italian in “Signora” creates an interesting narrative. How did this choice of bilingual lyrics contribute to conveying the song’s message? 

I decided to write this song, singing the main phrase of the hook in Italian, to highlight my origins and my culture, which are a very important part of my personality and influence for my music. I liked the idea of spreading Italian culture and my language around the world. 

And I also decided to use Italian mixed with English to emphasize the phrase “I am a lady” – “Sono una signora,” because I wanted it to sound special and memorable, to give a lot of importance and color to the meaning of it: I am a lady, and I am proud of being a woman. I want people to think “what is she saying?” And remember it. 

This phrase encloses the whole meaning and message of the song. I wish every woman, when she listens to this song, feels proud of our gender and never feels inferior in a society governed by men. I want women to recognize themselves in the lady of the song, to remember they can choose freedom, they can run away, because they have the power.

How did you capture the emotional complexity of desirability and unattainability in “Signora” through your music and vocal delivery?

In “Signora” I wanted to create the feeling of movement, using the beat and also my voice to make something that feels like a circle in which the woman is always running free and the man is never able to have her attention. This woman that I talk about in the song is a self centered person and she has no time to lose to men, she is strong and independent and she doesn’t need anyone next to her. The lady in “Signora” is focusing on herself and this is the message I would like to give to my female listeners: be your own priority, love yourself and invest your time on yourself. Love the life that you want and never let anyone decide who you are.

emily de nando

Your song beautifully blends classical elegance with a modern vibe. How do you maintain that delicate balance? Could you dive deeper into your influences?

I think the classical vibe that comes out from “Signora” is given from my desire to put Italian culture into the song. I try to take the vintage classic vibe that my country has and I mix it with the idea of a modern woman. I tried to mix this classic vibe that you can hear in the vocals with an electronic beat to make the song sound fresh, I used the saxophone and violins together with electronic music to have this effect. A bit of drama and a bit of passion to talk about a topic that is extremely relevant as a woman with the desire of being free to choose whatever she wants.

How do you envision “Signora” guiding conversations about femininity, freedom, and the societal norms placed on women’s identities? Can you delve into how these themes have shaped not just your music but also your approach as a female artist?

“Signora” is a song born with the idea of paying homage to the woman and to her femininity. We live in a society where we are missing equality of gender and freedom under many aspects and too often women are discriminated against. Too many times women are oppressed by society, and they have to struggle to live their life just because they were born as women. 

With “Signora,” I dream to encourage all the women to stand straight and never stop fighting to change the inequality we live in, to never expect anything less from what they want for themselves. To never stop trying to change the situation, not only for ourselves but for every woman out there. Independently from the country we live in, we all have to fight together and support each other to try to make a change. 

emily de nando

In the lyrics there is this phrase: “I am free like a bird, I will never be yours” which means that the lady is unavailable for the man, that also represents the society that cannot steal the woman’s freedom, because she doesn’t accept this. She is invincible to anyone and anything that tries to cut her wings. I wanted to put my values into this song and express something I deeply believe in.

Every woman must have the inviolable right to be free. The concept of freedom is something very important for me and it involves every aspect of life: The right to choose, to express my opinions, to dress the way I want, to live where I want. To never feel sorry, never feel too much, never feel inadequate, because I am a woman. Never feel scared, because of men, never feel my value is less just because I am a woman.

Let’s explore the music video creation process. How did you develop the concept to actively reflect both female empowerment and your cultural identity?

I wanted to film the video in a classic Italian villa and we chose one from the XVI century. I thought it could be a great way to emphasize my Italian origins since the location is historical and looks very classy and elegant, matching perfectly the vibe of the song. This transpires in the video helping to highlight the greatness of the lady and her strength.

What influences from your Italian heritage do you consciously infuse into your work to create a unique fusion of sounds?

When I created my music, especially with “Signora,” I was very inspired by my culture and I had the desire to make it part of the sound. Since it’s my debut single, I wanted to introduce myself, telling the world who I am, where I am from and what I believe in. I tried to put a scent of a vintage vibe because it gives an elegant touch to the song and I tried to choose instruments that could help create the effect I was looking for.

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