Lucky Daye

Lucky Daye Conjures a Sultry Tale in “That’s You” Video

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Lucky Daye, known for his enchanting music, continues the spirit of Halloween with his latest music video for “That’s You.” The visuals, set in his native Louisiana, follow Lucky as he takes on the role of a lovelorn familiar to a captivating succubus. Together, they roam the vibrant streets of New Orleans, where Lucky’s charm lures unsuspecting women, who unwittingly become a source of sustenance for his otherworldly companion. However, the enchanting encounters leave Lucky in an emotional quandary.

Each romantic encounter, though steamy and passionate, concludes with Lucky’s mistress absorbing the very essence of his latest love interest. Throughout the video, Lucky’s expressions betray a tumultuous mix of desire and regret, adding depth to the eerie tale. The narrative climaxes with Lucky covering up any evidence of their supernatural escapades with a ritualistic bayou bonfire.

Lucky Daye, recognized for his contributions to the Silk Sonic project alongside Bruno Mars, has spent much of 2023 in relative obscurity, allowing the lingering echoes of his Silk Sonic/Vegas residency project to subside. For “That’s You,” Lucky renews his creative energy, collaborating with D’Mile for songwriting and production. The result is a musical gem that combines the ’70s big-band R&B aesthetics from Silk Sonic with Lucky’s contemporary style.

After the success of his 2022 debut album, Candydrip, “That’s You” paves the way for an exciting new chapter in Lucky Daye’s musical journey.