Elena Rose, Danny Ocean & Jerry Di

Elena Rose, Danny Ocean & Jerry Di Deliver a Sentimental Ode to “Caracas en el 2000”

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Elena Rose, a prominent Latin songwriter, is ready to unveil a heartwarming tribute titled “Caracas en el 2000,” a collaborative project with Danny Ocean and Jerry Di. The song takes listeners on a nostalgic journey to the vibrant streets of Caracas, celebrating the innocence and unity of their shared childhood memories.

Elena Rose, who now calls Miami home but hails from Venezuela, pays a heartfelt tribute to her roots alongside fellow artists Danny Ocean and Jerry Di. The song beautifully captures the magic of Caracas in the year 2000, a time of innocence and pure joy. Despite their diverse backgrounds, the artists find common ground in the city they all love.

This song, “Caracas en el 2000,” co-written by Elena Rose, Danny Ocean, and Jerry Di and produced by Maff and DJ Tra, is a blend of tropical rhythms and urban vibes. Elena Rose’s sister, Cristina “Pichu” Hernández, contributed to the lyrics and plays a significant role in the music video, portraying Elena during her teenage years.

Danny Ocean, Elena Rose & Jerry Da
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Directed by Beto Monte and Rodrigo Michelangeli and produced by Capitol, the music video showcases iconic Caracas landmarks, taking viewers on a journey through the city. The video is a heartwarming homage to Caracas and its resilient people.

Elena Rose is deeply moved by the project, explaining that it’s one of the most important productions she’s been part of. She hopes “Caracas en el 2000” sends a message of hope, unity, and love to all Caraqueños, regardless of their present circumstances. The song transcends politics, religion, and social divisions, celebrating their shared love for their city.

Now, Elena Rose looks forward to sharing this heartfelt tribute to Caracas with a global audience, reminding everyone of their common Caracas heritage.

Experience the nostalgia and warmth of Caracas in the year 2000 by watching the touching “Caracas en el 2000” video.