Sabrina Carpenter Embraces Spooky Siren Vibes in Her Halloween-Timed “Feather” Music Video

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Sabrina Carpenter made the most of the Halloween season with her latest music video release for the song “Feather” from her deluxe album, Emails I Can’t Send. The timing couldn’t be more fitting for this haunting and visually captivating video.

The video opens with Carpenter dressed in her funeral attire, setting the eerie tone for the narrative. As the video unfolds, she’s seen dancing down the sidewalk, catching the attention of some rather unsettling admirers who begin to follow her. However, Carpenter has a surprise in store. As the story progresses, a dramatic twist occurs, leaving viewers with a chilling and unexpected ending.

Carpenter’s “Feather” video takes on the theme of toxic masculinity, portraying her as a powerful figure who stands up to societal expectations and gender stereotypes. The storyline takes a dark and supernatural turn, reminiscent of horror films, making it a must-watch for the Halloween season.

The video features subtle references to Romeo + Juliet and a blend of spooky inspirations, creating a visually striking and captivating experience for viewers. Carpenter’s commanding presence in the video, along with the unexpected plot twists, make it a treat for fans who have eagerly awaited this release.

Experience the haunting allure of Sabrina Carpenter’s “Feather” video for yourself.