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This week has seen a deluge of fantastic new pop music releases. A host of artists have returned with incredible albums, with Kylie Minogue igniting the scene with Tension and Slayyyter keeping the party alive with Starf*cker. But there’s still so much more to explore, contributing to what’s already been a record-breaking year for music.

Let’s dive into the best new pop music of the week, curated by Uproxx:

1.Zach Bryan, Noah Kahan — “Sarah’s Place”

Zach Bryan surprised fans with his EP, Boys Of Faith, which includes standout collaborations like “Sarah’s Place” with Noah Kahan. In this song, the two reflect on memories of someone they no longer see but still maintain loose contact with. It’s a fictional tale with an emotional resonance that most can relate to.

2.Shakira, Fuerza Regida — “El Jefe”

Shakira’s latest collaboration, “El Jefe,” with Fuerza Regida finds her grappling with the daily stresses of life, including dropping her kids at school. Some suspect there’s a layer of a diss track here as she mentions the name of her nanny who discovered her ex’s affair.

3.Kylie Minogue — “Green Light”

Kylie Minogue made her triumphant return with the album Tension, delivering what fans have eagerly awaited. “Green Light,” though appearing later in the tracklist, keeps the danceable, mesmerizing vibe going. While some tracks start slow or open with a more robotic instrumental, this one exudes a disco-inspired flair.

4.Fifty Fifty — “Lovin’ Me – Live Studio Version OT4”

Fifty Fifty is celebrating their successful year with “The Beginning,” a special compilation EP. It features various versions of their hit “Cupid,” including a remix by Sabrina Carpenter and an upbeat rendition. However, it’s the live studio takes, like “Lovin’ Me,” that slow things down and showcase the group’s impressive vocal talents.

5.Bleachers — “Modern Girl”

Presumed to be the lead single from their fourth album, Bleachers’ “Modern Girl” is a carefree jam session that playfully references the band members in the lyrics, adding a fun, personal touch. The track also features in the new season of Sex Education.

6.Slayyyter — “I Love Hollywood”

Slayyyter’s “I Love Hollywood,” from her album Starf*cker, sees her fully embracing the high-glam mindset. Drawing inspiration from Y2K pop stars like Gwen Stefani and Lady Gaga, she takes the vibes to another level, embarking on an extravagant shopping spree, smoking in a limo, and more.

7.Kim Petras — “Confession”

Kim Petras dropped a surprise record titled Problématique. On “Confession,” she explores rejecting the opulent lifestyle: “I got so many diamonds and rings / I don’t need more material things / But lately you’ve been all in my dreams.” It’s a romantic twist on the theme.

8.Holly Humberstone — “Into Your Room”

Holly Humberstone teases her upcoming album “Paint My Bedroom Black” with “Into Your Room.” Blending her distinctive electronic beats and emotional lyrics, she takes some responsibility for a relationship’s demise.

9.Chappell Roan — “Super Graphic Ultra Modern Girl”

In the music video for “Super Graphic Ultra Modern Girl” from Chappell Roan’s The Rise And Fall Of A Midwest Princess, she adopts the role of an “alien tourist” exploring Los Angeles. The song kicks off with a captivating narration of a disastrous date Roan once experienced.

10.Troye Sivan — “Got Me Started”

Troye Sivan had the internet buzzing with “Rush,” and his follow-up, “Got Me Started,” is equally addictive. The neon-themed music video perfectly complements the club-ready vibes. Notably, it samples Bag Raiders’ Shooting Stars, a move that Sivan himself described as “iconic.”

So, there you have it—the best new pop music from this week. Dive into these tracks and keep the music playing!