Cordae’s “Make Up Your Mind” Music Video Explores Complicated Relationships

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Cordae’s “Make Up Your Mind” music video offers a vivid portrayal of the emotional ups and downs in a complicated relationship. The lyrics suggest a sense of ambiguity and indecision within the relationship, where neither party seems certain about their feelings or desires. This theme is reflected in the video as Cordae and his partner engage in heated arguments, showcasing the challenges they face in resolving their issues.

Despite the turmoil depicted in the video, Cordae’s music maintains an infectious bassline and an overall lively tone. This juxtaposition between the tumultuous relationship and the energetic music adds depth to the storytelling, highlighting the complexities of love and emotions.


It’s important to acknowledge the controversy surrounding Dr. Luke’s involvement as the producer of the song. Dr. Luke’s association with the music industry has been marked by legal battles, most notably a defamation lawsuit brought against him by pop star Kesha. This lawsuit dragged on for years and drew significant attention, leading some fans to question his participation in Cordae’s project. This controversy adds another layer of discussion to the release of “Make Up Your Mind.”

Overall, Cordae’s music video provides viewers with an emotionally charged experience, addressing the uncertainties and challenges that can arise within relationships, all set to an engaging musical backdrop. The inclusion of Dr. Luke as the producer also sparks conversations about the ethical considerations surrounding collaborations in the entertainment industry.