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New Music Latin: Listen to Releases From Fuerza Regida, Kali Uchis & More

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Today we present a compilation of the latest Latin songs and albums. In this edition, we highlight some notable releases, including Fuerza Regida’s album “Pa Las Baby’s y Belikeada,” Anitta’s single “Mil Veces,” and more.

Fuerza Regida: Pa Las Baby’s y Belikeada

Fuerza Regida‘s eighth studio album, Pa Las Baby’s y Belikeada, is described as a daring and audacious expedition into corridos bélicos with a distinctive drill influence. The album features 30 tracks that explore themes of women, power, and wealth, including corridos alterados and cumbia sabrosura. It also features previous hits like “TQM” and “Sabor Fresa.” The album showcases the group’s versatility, including a collaboration with Marshmello on “Harley Quinn” and a reggaetón-influenced track, “Freaky Freaky.” Fuerza Regida is known for its blinged-out corridos style but also boldly experiments with new sounds and genres in “Pa Las Baby’s y Belikeada.”

Anitta: “Mil Veces”

Anitta‘s latest single, “Mil Veces,” is a melodic Brazilian funk track that explores the ups and downs of a relationship. The song expresses the desire to relive past moments of passion and connection. Anitta’s sultry music video features Damiano David of Måneskin as her lover. The song’s lyrics talk about a relationship that wasn’t meant to last but continues to experience ups and downs, a dynamic relatable to many.

Adriana Rios & Ana Bárbara: “A Mi Me Respetas”

In “A Mi Me Respetas,” Adriana Rios and Ana Bárbara collaborate to send a powerful message about treating women with respect and dignity. The duet features acoustic guitar and heavy tuba interplay, enhancing the artists’ passionate vocal delivery. The lyrics emphasize the importance of empowerment and self-respect.

Kali Uchis: “Te Mata”

Kali Uchis‘ “Te Mata” serves as a prelude to her upcoming album, Orquídeas. The song is a profound bolero that showcases Kali Uchis’ deep yet delicate and spellbinding vocals. The lyrics are evocative, describing a journey of self-discovery and resilience. “Te Mata” is Kali Uchis’ second Spanish-language track of the year and is part of her new album set to release in January 2024. It features collaborations with artists like Peso Pluma, Karol G, and Rauw Alejandro.

R3ymon, Mawell & Baby Lores: “Hazme El Amor Con Odio”

Cuban artists R3ymon, Mawell, and Baby Lores collaborate in “Hazme El Amor Con Odio,” a track that combines urban-tropical fusion with captivating reparto influences. The song’s lyrics revolve around a man trying to save his relationship. The artists showcase their distinct vocal styles, making it a refreshing introduction to the Cuban music scene.