Anitta’s Sultry “Mil Veces” Video Explores a Tumultuous Love Affair with Måneskin’s Damiano David

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Fresh from her scintillating performance at the 2023 MTV VMAs, Brazilian pop sensation Anitta has dropped her latest single, “Mil Veces,” from the forthcoming album Funk Generation. Translated to “a thousand times” in English, the song delves into the agony of a troubled romance, capturing the perpetual cycle of reverting to old habits while struggling to break free. “Ya lo hemos hecho mil veces,” she sings (“We have already done it a thousand times”). She explained, “It’s a relationship dynamic that many people have already experienced. I think ‘Mil Veces’ will resonate with many.

The song’s steamy video co-stars Italian rockstar Damiano David of Måneskin, portraying the toxic rollercoaster of the relationship. From passionate shower scenes to heated arguments, Anitta and David enact the love affair’s tumultuous nature. Anitta is ecstatic about their collaboration, saying, “This video is really sexy! Sexy, dynamic, and it has a beautiful aesthetic… working with Damiano, who is endearing and has become a true friend, was incredible. I loved the end result and hope everyone likes it.”

“Mil Veces” represents Anitta’s endeavor to reconnect with her Brazilian roots in Funk Generation after exploring diverse styles and languages on her 2022 album, Versions Of Me. Another significant step in this direction was her EP, A Favela Love Story, which featured the track “Casi Casi.”