Lana Del Rey & Holly Macve 's "Suburban House"

Lana Del Rey & Holly Macve’s “Suburban House” Collaboration: A Long-Awaited Matchup for Fans

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The online world is currently abuzz with discussions surrounding Lana Del Rey‘s upbringing and her peculiar fondness for chain restaurants. Nevertheless, one thing that remains indisputable is the sheer magnitude of the talent possessed by the “Peppers” singer. Lana Del Rey has joined forces with Holly Macve, delivering a mirror match of a track that diverts the conversation away from socio-economic status during her childhood.

Suburban House” is the collaboration that fans of these two remarkable artists have been eagerly awaiting. Holly Macve and Lana Del Rey share a close bond as friends, and their mentor-mentee relationship is well-known, but it’s the seamless fusion of their vocal talents that truly captivates. Each lady’s verses are laden with sorrow, inflicting deep emotional wounds that transport the listener into their respective worlds.

Macve’s songwriting prowess shines brightly in this collaboration. Her lyrics paint a vivid picture: “It only takes one week to fall out of love / With a woman like me, for a man like you / It only takes one look to catch a stranger’s eye / And imagine a life, flashing colors while I’m blue,” sings Macve.

Holly Macve and Lana Del Rey. Credit: Chuck Grant

Following this, Lana Del Rey steps in with a verse of her own, effortlessly delivering lyrics that resonate: “It only takes one turn to see a clear open road / Pretty white mountaintops, so many places to call home / I’m only just behind, but I’m already out of view / You always said snow looked so perfect whеn it’s untouched and new.”

In an Instagram post, Lana Del Rey expressed her sentiments about “Suburban House,” stating, “[‘Suburban House’ is] one of my absolute favorite songs. [You all are] gonna love it.” While Lana Del Rey often conveys such enthusiasm about her collaborations, in this particular instance, her assessment is undeniably accurate.

Listen to “Suburban House” here.