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Jamila Woods and Saba Unite for “Practice” in Final Album Teaser

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The opening line of Jamila Woods’ latest single announces, “We’re talkin’ ’bout practice.” As she later delves into shooting free throws and declares, “Put me in coach, I’m ready,” one can’t help but suspect an Allen Iverson reference. And indeed, it appears to be just that—a nod to the iconic basketball moment. Thank you, Jamila Woods.

The track, aptly titled “Practice,” is the final teaser from Woods’ album, Water Made Us, and it comes with a guest verse from fellow Chicago artist Saba. Accompanying the song is an NSFW music video directed by Carlos López Estrada, featuring a multitude of exposed bodies. Woods provides some insight into the project:

“”Practice” is a song I made with McClenney about releasing the pressure we put on ourselves in relationships. I was trying to shift how I often evaluate relationships based on their potential for longevity rather than on how I feel in the moment. The song is about how we can learn to just enjoy ourselves and be present with someone without needing to ‘get everything right’ or ‘have everything together.’ My friend Carlos López Estrada came up with this concept of creating faces with bodies in a way that’s sensual and silly at the same time. The whole process was very playful and experimental, which suits the song perfectly.