City Girls and Kim Petras

City Girls and Kim Petras Paint the Town with Their Latest Single “Flashy”

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City Girls are back with a bang, and their new album, RAW, is taking the music scene by storm. As always, a City Girls project is brimming with certified hits, and one of the standout tracks on the album is their electrifying collaboration with Kim Petras, aptly titled “Flashy.”

In “Flashy,” City Girls venture into the pop realm, delivering an infectious anthem brimming with vivacious energy and unapologetic glamour.

Kim Petras takes the lead on the chorus, crooning, “Stylin’, shinin’ / I’m so flawless like my diamonds / I’m flashy / Big bags, price tags / You know all I wear is name brand / I’m flashy.” Her vocals exude confidence, perfectly complementing the song’s bold theme.

Throughout the track, the ladies slyly reference several luxury brands, adding a touch of opulence to their verses. JT proudly asserts, “Wearin’ so much diamonds, lookin’ like a ball,” as she flaunts “Louis and Gucci / Like three, four Prada, Murakami.”

Meanwhile, Yung Miami paints a picture of a lavish getaway: “on an island, wilin’, smilin’ / A place where these hatin’ ass hoes can’t find me,” all while decked out in “Fendi and Chanel.”

City Girls have remained a dominant force in the rap game since their debut mixtape, Period, in 2018. Their influence extends beyond music, with Yung Miami’s talk show, Caresha Please amassing millions of views. JT, on the other hand, has embarked on an impressive solo journey, leaving her mark with tracks like “No Bars” and a fiery verse on Kali Uchis‘ “Muñekita.”

When these talented artists come together, it’s a guarantee of a hit that’s impossible to ignore.

Listen to “Flashy” and immerse yourself in the opulent world created by City Girls and Kim Petras.