Maxine Ashley Issues a Funky Warning in Debut Release "Somebody Else"

Maxine Ashley Issues a Funky Warning in Debut Release “Somebody Else”

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Maxine Ashley is making a dazzling debut with her newest single, “Somebody Else,” which serves as the inaugural release from Eric Benét’s JBR Creative Group.

Maxine Ashley’s “Somebody Else” is an upbeat, groovy track with a compelling message. In this funky farewell, Ashley asserts her self-worth and independence, sending a clear warning to her insecure lover. She confidently proclaims her irreplaceability while making it known that she won’t tolerate a lack of appreciation.

In the song’s catchy chorus, Ashley sings, “You’re gonna make me f**k somebody else / If you keep on treating me the way you do.” Her assertive lyrics and charismatic delivery make “Somebody Else” a track that’s bound to get heads bopping and feet tapping.

Describing the inspiration behind her song, Ashley shares, “When I wrote ‘Somebody Else,’ I was dating. It was like a constant game of cat and mouse: who’s going to text first, who’s going to ignore who the longest. It was so exhausting. I’m a super monogamist and I don’t believe in having multiple partners, so this song is my way of moving on and not getting too attached to one person – especially the wrong person.”

The release of “Somebody Else” is accompanied by an enticing music video directed by Michael Rainin, adding an extra dimension to this exciting debut.

This track marks the beginning of a promising partnership between Maxine Ashley and Eric Benét’s JBR Creative Group. It’s yet to be officially confirmed whether “Somebody Else” serves as a prelude to a larger project from Maxine Ashley.

Maxine Ashley first gained recognition at the age of 17 when she was signed to Pharrell Williams‘ i am OTHER record label, largely thanks to her popular YouTube covers. During her time with the label, she released the Mood Swings EP in 2014.

Since parting ways with Pharrell Williams’ label, Maxine Ashley has continued to make strides in her career. She contributed her songwriting talents to Ariana Grande‘s track “Blazed” and released solo projects like 2019’s Intuition. However, her most significant achievement came through her collaboration with South African house DJ and producer Black Coffee. Their song “You Need Me” became a highlight of his 2021 album, Subconsciously, which won the Best Dance/Electronic Music Album award at the 64th Grammy Awards.

For a taste of Maxine Ashley’s sassy and energetic sound, be sure to stream “Somebody Else” below: