gloreymi "tonight"

Gloreymi On “Tonight” And Crafting Feel-Good Empowering Anthems

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Gloreymi unravels the feel-good and empowering essence of her new single “Tonight,” a club anthem born from pre-night out vibes and the quest to feel ultimate. Melding R&B soul with hip-hop’s edgy rhythms comes naturally to her, attributing the seamless fusion to her innate affection for both styles. The single is designed to immerse listeners in a moment where worries dissipate and confidence reigns supreme. 

Drawing inspiration from iconic artists like Ashanti and Erykah Badu, Gloreymi has carved out her unique sound – a blend of the familiar and the distinctly original. Her journey as both a nurse and an artist influences her music, imbuing it with positivity and the healing touch of feel-good rhythms. 

Congratulations on the release of “Tonight.” Its lyrics are deeply moving and impactful. Could you tell us about the emotions that led to the creation of these powerful words?

The emotions inspiring this song were purely feel-good. It’s a track meant for those pre-night out vibes, perfect when you and your girls are stepping into your stunning outfits. There’s a specific mood, a certain type of energy that we crave in those moments. Being a songwriter, I couldn’t help but be drawn into crafting a club anthem – one for the ladies to feel their ultimate selves and for the men to get drawn into our world.

gloreymi "tonight"

Your new single effortlessly combines R&B’s soul with hip-hop’s edgy rhythms. Can you explain how you managed to merge these different styles into a cohesive and catchy anthem?

The way that I am able to merge both channels of R&B soul and hip-hop is actually very easy for me. I am already an R&B singer and I like hip-hop beats. I like the hip-hop style. I’m not a rapper, but I do sing and write so I just take those combinations and mix them together. I feel like it’s so unique to me and so different and it’s definitely the realm of a great area. 

How do you see listeners applying the empowering energy and confidence from this track to their daily lives?

This song I feel is definitely going to be empowering to listen to and I think they’re going to feel confident. Just by listening they’re going to be able to just forget about their problems, forget about their bills, forget about those exams coming up, and they’re just going to be in the moment.  It’s about knowing that you are that ‘it’ girl.

Iconic artists such as Ashanti and Erykah Badu have inspired your music. Can you detail how these influential women have contributed to defining and crafting your unique sound?

My sound is definitely something that I took a long time to come to terms with as to who I really am, which I really didn’t know for a long time. I didn’t know if I was like Ashanti or Beyoncé or Rihanna. I never really quite fit these boxes perfectly, but ever since I began writing so many songs, I started to see a pattern about myself and the way I write and the way I sing. 

I feel like I have a perfect balance of all the artists before me and also me as an original. There is nobody like me and I feel like that makes me special. That’s also when I realized that I have found my artistic identity in my sound by just writing and just listening to my albums and people giving me feedback and telling me how my songs always sound like they’re on the radio, like they always sound radio ready and commercial ready.

Could you share a key moment when you felt your artistic identity evolve, distinguishing itself from your influences to create something entirely your own?

I realize I have a fresh Pop R&B soulful sound or I can mesh well with all of them and that’s my sound.

Balancing roles as a nurse and an artist, how does your fast-paced and compassionate nursing career shape the emotional and thematic content of your music?

Balancing  being an artist and also a nurse is very unique to say the least. It’s a very unique experience to go to work, and have to care for people all day, seeing people at their worst most of the time, and having to be that light for them definitely has impacted my music. Not everything can be healed with my hands, but I know music is very influential on a person’s health as well so I try my best to make my music more positive, because I know when people listen to it it’s about emotions and people want to feel good when they listen to music. 

I feel like a lot of times that’s really what’s missing in music today. There’s not a lot of feel good music. It’s a lot of sad music, a lot of degrading music and I’m not with that. I really think that it’s important to uplift people and I think that’s where the nurse in me comes out, knowing how important it is to make people feel good. It changes the outlook on people’s lives.

With a vast collection of hits and numerous streams, your songs tell the story of a girl breaking free from societal norms. Can you recount a personal experience that mirrors this transition from silence to a voice amplified by the confidence and backing of your audience?

I remember doing a show out in Atlanta. It was when I first dropped my album. I’m a very shy, timid person and I know that I have to draw this crowd and I have to make these people a fan.  When I got out there I left my heart, my whole soul on the floor. I sang my tail off, and I put so much emotion into my performance, the crowd was dancing to my songs and singing to words they easily caught on to. That interaction was so liberating. I love that feeling and I love the interaction that I have with my audience.  That is the pivotal moment that I knew it’s not about the money, it’s not about fame, it’s about the moment right there, just me and my fans in one room, having a beautiful moment together. That’s who I do it for. I live for moments like that.

Listen to “Tonight” below: