The Haxan Cloak Returns with Chilling New Single "N/Y" After a Decade

The Haxan Cloak Returns with Chilling New Single “N/Y” After a Decade

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Bobby Krlic, known for his work as a composer, has reemerged under his solo alias, The Haxan Cloak, with a bone-chilling new single titled “N/Y.” Krlic’s extensive career includes producing alongside renowned artists such as Björk, Father John Misty, and Goldfrapp. He’s also crafted evocative scores for movies like “Midsommar” and TV shows such as the Netflix original “Beef.” Surprisingly, this marks his first solo release since 2013.

N/Y” is an instrumental track that encapsulates a feeling Krlic has harbored for an extended period. Initially conceived as a piece meant exclusively for live performances, it carries an explosive intensity, designed to transform any setting in which it’s played. Krlic continuously refined the track until it transcended its original purpose, becoming a piece he was eager to share without constraints.

The accompanying visual element of “N/Y” mirrors the horror and intensity that characterize the movies and shows Krlic has contributed to over the years. The video incorporates eerie imagery that resonates with the haunting vibes of the music.

In a statement about “N/Y,” Krlic described the track as an intense burst of creativity and intention, originally intended for live shows but eventually evolving into a standalone creation. He also detailed the process of crafting the video, explaining that it was a swift and deliberate endeavor, a fusion of charcoal drawings, oil paintings, and self-shot studio footage. The final result is a visceral and immediate experience that he hopes will transform the listener’s environment.

The return of The Haxan Cloak with “N/Y” is a momentous occasion for fans of Krlic’s dark and evocative musical style.