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A Candid Interview On Leandro Cury’s Evolving Soundscape In “Estrela”

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Leandro Cury discusses the emotional and thematic essence of his new song “Estrela” and its place in the upcoming EP, Counting Constellations. The single immerses listeners in a present, ethereal connection with a loved one. Influenced by iconic artists, the Brazilian singer emphasizes the healing power of heartfelt music. He reflects on his evolved perception of love, from seeking completion in others to recognizing his own wholeness. 

Despite the Brazilian tag, Cury admits that in “Estrela,” he identifies more with his rock roots, blending Latin, American, and English rock. His bilingual songwriting, an unplanned yet fluid process, offers diverse expressive channels, enhancing the song’s emotive reach.

How does “Estrela” depict the transition from the darkness of shadows to the light of love? What personal stories influenced this shift in the storyline?

“Estrela” is not about transitioning between states. It is rather drifting along weightlessly in the here and now, living a beautiful and strong connection with the beloved one in such a way that everything else just disappears.

Your music is rich with influences from iconic artists. How have they helped shape the emotional and lyrical landscape of “Estrela”?

All these iconic artists have helped me through very difficult emotional scenarios in life. They have helped me understand how music can be a powerful channel for communication and transmission. Music that comes genuinely from the heart can really give support and shelter as well as offer emotional healing and medicine for the soul.

 Leandro Cury  “Estrela”

The song portrays love as a refuge. How has your perception of love evolved over the years, and how is this evolution reflected in your music?

When “Estrela” was written in 2005, I still believed the idea that it was somebody else’s responsibility to provide me with love and therefore “complete” me. Over the years, it dawned on me that the only person responsible and in charge of providing love to someone is oneself. I realized that I’m already whole. 

It started to gradually reflect in the way in which the audience was receiving and connecting with the songs. And the more love was being poured into the performance of these songs, more love was poured back by the audience. The more I opened my heart to them, the more they opened their hearts to my music.

How has the narrative of this new single, which resonates with those in search of their soulmate, influenced your personal beliefs and writing approach?

It’s flattering that those in search of soulmate can find themselves in the narrative of the new single, but this kind of search does not take place in my personal beliefs.

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Looking forward to your forthcoming EP, Counting Constellations, how does “Estrela” set the tone for what listeners can expect? Can you give us a glimpse into the thematic and musical journey of the record?

I’m incredibly excited about the release of Counting Constellations. Tolok Records and its dream team did an amazing job capturing the raw essence of emotions and feelings poured into this EP. “Estrela” sets the tone for a few other original songs, each having been crafted with patience and anticipation. I can’t wait for you to hear them!

With “Estrela” being infused with your Brazilian roots, how do you feel the integration of these diverse cultures is reflected in the song’s sound and lyrics?

“Estrela” is infused with my Rock roots. But these roots get watered by Latin, American, and English Rock. I cannot Samba.

You have the unique ability to create music in both English and Portuguese. Can you share the challenges and advantages of this bilingual creativity? Does your songwriting approach differ when switching between these two languages?

The songwriting definitely gets different approaches in between languages. Different approach and delivery of rhyme and meter. There are actually no challenges at all, but the beautiful advantage of having multiple channels to express feelings and emotions. I never plan on writing songs. They simply come out when the time arrives, and I have no idea in which language until it’s already happening.

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