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Dunkin’s Ice Spice Munchkins Drink: A Sweet, Yet Disappointing Fusion

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Dunkin’, renowned for its delectable “munchkins,” and Ice Spice, affectionately known as “munchkins” by her fans, have recently joined forces in what seems like a natural alignment of brand synergy. The result of this collaboration is the “Ice Spice Munchkins Drink,” a name that, while aligned with marketing goals, might be a bit of a mouthful. This intriguing beverage has been gracing Dunkin’ menus nationwide for about a week, and it has not made the same sensational splash as some other fast-food concoctions.

Surprisingly, this is a positive outcome in today’s fast-food landscape, which is increasingly flooded with celebrity-branded items. While this concept isn’t entirely new, it has become more prominent in recent years compared to a decade ago. These new menu additions are usually meant to be straightforward and serve as quick cash grabs for both the brands involved. Their primary objective is not necessarily to cater to everyone’s taste but rather to capture the attention of the artist’s dedicated fanbase.

Nevertheless, here’s the conundrum: Do these items always have to be so predictable? Can’t they be genuinely delightful? Have I already revealed my verdict on this drink? Perhaps! However, let’s contemplate how much better it could have been.

Why not christen it “Spiced Ice”? It’s a playful twist on Ice Spice’s name, allowing room to experiment with spicy cinnamon flavors or perhaps even introduce some exciting elements like cayenne pepper or cumin. These unconventional additions could make for a captivating blend with coffee, offering a unique beverage. A cayenne pepper and cumin-infused coffee drink could defy expectations, serving as the perfect embodiment of Ice Spice herself, who constantly challenges the conventional expectations of an iconic rapper, both in terms of appearance and sound.

Yet, unfortunately, that’s not what we received. And, in all honesty, it’s not good (spoiler alert?). So, let’s dive into the areas where this drink went astray.

The Ice Spice Munchkins Drink: Tasting Notes & Thoughts

Have you ever imagined the idea of blending a slice of pumpkin pie with coffee and taking a sip? No? Well, there might be a good reason for that—it would probably taste quite unpleasant. However, that’s essentially what the Ice Spice Munchkins Drink is all about. Dunkin’ combines a handful of pumpkin cake Munchkins (Dunkin’s version of donut holes), blends them with frozen coffee, adorns it with whipped cream, and drizzles caramel sauce generously.

Ice Spice
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The initial sip of this concoction immerses your taste buds in an intense wave of flavors—sweet brown sugar, cinnamon, and allspice. It’s an onslaught of sweetness that might catch you off guard. To make matters more challenging, the texture of the drink is far from pleasant—it’s gritty and chewy. Let me clarify, as someone with half a decade of experience as a food writer, these are not desirable characteristics for a beverage meant to be sipped through a straw.

After approximately four sips, I had to surrender. Don’t get me wrong; I appreciate a sweet drink as much as the next person. However, this particular beverage is excessively sweet, to the point where it becomes challenging to finish. It’s the kind of sweetness that can overpower your palate for the rest of the day, perhaps even the entire week. Initially, I had grand plans of enjoying Ice Spice’s drink alongside a Pizza Hut melt (shout out to Flyana Boss), but I couldn’t taste anything afterward. I had to tap out.

Putting aside the issue of excessive sweetness, the most disappointing aspect of this drink is unquestionably its texture. Munchkins, being solid donut holes, should never find their way into a beverage because they simply don’t dissolve. Consequently, as your drink sits for approximately ten minutes and the blended portion begins to melt into liquid, the Munchkins gravitate toward each other, resulting in an odd chemistry experiment gone awry.

The Bottom Line:

Both Ice Spice and her loyal fanbase deserve a far more appealing drink, and, truth be told, creating one doesn’t appear to have been an insurmountable challenge. Regrettably, Dunkin’ opted for the path of least resistance, utilizing readily available ingredients and showing minimal concern for the end product—aside from its potential as a marketing tool. This situation calls to mind the memorable quote by Jeff Goldblum’s Ian Malcolm, critiquing the scientists in Jurassic Park for focusing solely on whether they could do something rather than considering whether they should.

At least we can take solace in the entertaining commercial that emerged from this collaboration. However, when a food brand prioritizes content creation over customer satisfaction, it becomes evident that its priorities may be somewhat misplaced.