CALYN Rises From The Shadows Of Doubt Seeking Closure In “Waiting”

CALYN Rises From The Shadows Of Doubt Seeking Closure In “Waiting”

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American R&B singer CALYN, hailing from California, has released her latest single, “Waiting.” The Stockton native is renowned for her unique melodies and lyrics that eloquently capture the complexity of human feelings. In this new song, she showcases her dedication to evolving as an artist, blending a diverse array of musical styles to create an intricate soundscape.

CALYN first began working on “Waiting” a long time ago and it stayed unfinished for almost half a year. For the rising star, listening to the completed track is like reliving the emotional contrast between the times before and after a breakup – a story that she feels will strike a chord with many. The song encapsulates the intense, negative emotions that swell before a relationship is over and the mixed feelings that come in its aftermath.

Plunging into a love that is as alluring as it is harmful, the lyrics unravel the different layers of a romance characterized by emotional naivety and failures in communication. CALYN finds herself caught in the tumultuous whirl of yearning for intimacy while simultaneously confronting the harsh truth that the feelings they carry are tinged with poison.

CALYN Rises From The Shadows Of Doubt Seeking Closure In “Waiting”

Delivering the lines, “Communicatin’ with you feel like I talk to myself” and “It’s like you wanted to be something I need,” paint a picture of a soul aching for a bond yet finding itself isolated and unaccompanied in the pursuit. “Waiting” serves as a reflection of frailty, an admission from a soul confined within the barriers of doubt, and a tribute to the challenging endeavor of harmonizing conflicting thoughts and emotions.

Using words such as “Maybe it was the drugs, Maybe the Hennessy, But all I know is to see clearer, I’m gon’ have to be Gone from all the sh*t we done had,” the artist illustrates the attempt to find comfort and a refuge in fleeting joys while still being chased by the persistent ghosts of an evasive love.

The young songwriter depicts the genuine pain and pleasure tied to the anticipation of a decisive call. One that could either heal the cracks or signify the conclusion of a love steeped in intense emotion and suffering. CALYN draws in her audience, who are easily carried away by her expressive narrative, becoming immersed in the stark, relentless emotional experience she skillfully reveals.

Listen to “Waiting” below: