Berhana's "Break Bread" - A Soulful Reflection on Love and Connection

Berhana’s “Break Bread” – A Soulful Reflection on Love and Connection

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Berhana, the rising Ethiopian-American singer and songwriter, has just unveiled his latest track, “Break Bread.” Co-produced by a talented team consisting of Michaël Brun, Danny McKinnon, Baird, and Gabe Acheson, this meticulously arranged song explores the intricate dance of dating, relationships, and connection.

In “Break Bread,” Berhana’s character expresses a sense of hesitancy as he navigates the tumultuous waters of romantic involvement. Despite prior disappointments, he embarks on a new journey with a sense of optimism, determined to get to know someone special. As he extends admiration and praise to his date, he acknowledges her patience, revealing his own complexities in the process.

The chorus resonates with the sentiment of taking things slow and being cautious: “You know I don’t break bread with just anybody / You so hard to please, so am I / Kudos for your patience, I can’t fake sh*t / Let’s see if stars align.”

In discussing the song’s meaning, Berhana shares, “It’s about finding someone I’m really into after taking a bunch of L’s, while at the same time having to remind myself to slow down. The song moves between infatuation and caution until the bridge, where I finally let go.”

EQT Recordings berhana
EQT Recordings

Break Bread” marks the third release from Berhana’s forthcoming sophomore album, Amén: የዘላን ህልም, which translates to “Amén: A Nomad’s Dream.” Set to be released on October 20th via EQT Recordings, this album promises to be a captivating journey into Berhana’s musical and emotional world.

Previous singles from the album include “Gone (Abebe Bikila)” and “Like a Habit,” both accompanied by compelling music videos that offer a visual dimension to Berhana’s artistic vision.

To further amplify the album’s themes, Berhana is promoting Amén: የዘላን ህልም with screenings of “The Nomad’s Dream,” a short film that seamlessly weaves together music from the album. This film delves into the complexities of identity, particularly the experience of being a first-generation American and the profound connections to ancestral homelands.


Amén: የዘላን ህልም serves as the follow-up to Berhana’s 2019 debut album,  Han, also released on EQT Recordings. This 14-track album featured collaborations with Canadian producer Pomo and included the previously released tracks “G2g” and “Health Food,” both of which received positive acclaim.

Berhana has also offered fans exciting remixes of select album tracks. These include a “Golden” version featuring Mereba and an exclusive rendition of “I Been” with Boogie, further showcasing his versatility and creativity in the world of music.

With “Break Bread” and the upcoming album Amén: የዘላን ህልም, Berhana continues to carve out his unique space in the music industry, offering a soulful and introspective perspective on love, connection, and self-discovery.