Berhana Unveils Captivating New Track "Like a Habit"

Berhana Unveils Captivating New Track “Like a Habit”

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Berhana, the rising musical sensation, has just released his mesmerizing new single titled “Like a Habit.” Co-produced by Danny McKinnon and Mike Irish, the song delves into the complexities of a toxic relationship, shedding light on the turmoil caused by his partner’s love.

In this low-key track, Berhana beautifully articulates the challenges of navigating a relationship filled with instability, hinting that perhaps keeping their connection purely platonic might be the healthier choice. With poignant lyrics such as “You try to break me like a habit / Now with the damages I can’t tell the truth / You’re moving crazy, so erratic / Wasting my time, oh, hard to say,” he captures the emotional rollercoaster of the situation.

EQT Recordings

Accompanying the single is an enthralling music video directed by Julia Baylis and Sam Guest. In the video, Berhana takes the wheel of a classic SUV, surrounded by his friends, as they journey against a vivid green-screen backdrop.

Like a Habit” marks Berhana’s fourth release of the year and is the second track from his upcoming album, Amén: የዘላን ህልም, which translates to “Amén: A Nomad’s Dream.” This follows his earlier release, “Gone (Abebe Bikila),” a tribute to Ethiopian marathon runner Abebe Bikila.

Anticipation is high for the upcoming album, but no official release date has been confirmed yet. Set to drop sometime in the fall via EQT Recordings, the label that also powered his debut album, Han, in 2019.

EQT Recordings

Berhana’s debut album, Han, was a hit, featuring standout tracks like “I Been” featuring Crush and “Lucky Strike,” produced primarily by Canadian hitmaker Pomo.

While fans eagerly await the release of Amén: የዘላን ህልም, Berhana has been keeping them engaged with follow-up tracks like the remix version of “Golden” featuring Mereba and “Weep, No More.” Notably, Berhana has shared that “Weep, No More” and “Sundays” will not be part of his upcoming full-length album.

With plans to grace major cities including Los Angeles, New York City, and Washington D.C. with his live performances, Berhana‘s future is undoubtedly bright. Although specific show dates are yet to be unveiled, one thing is certain: Berhana’s musical journey continues to captivate audiences around the world.

Don’t miss out on the enchanting experience of Berhana’s latest creation, “Like a Habit.”