Jamila Woods Announces New Album Water Made Us and Releases New Song "Boomerang"

Jamila Woods Announces New Album Water Made Us and Releases New Song “Boomerang”

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Jamila Woods, the acclaimed singer-songwriter, has exciting news for her fans. She has announced the release of her third album, titled Water Made Us, which is set to be released on October 13 via Jajaguwar. This follows her highly regarded album LEGACY! LEGACY!, which was released in May 2019.

Water Made Us is an album that captures Woods’ distinctive blend of musical styles and her thought-provoking lyrical approach. The album is executive produced by Woods herself and the LA-based producer McClenney. It features collaborations with notable artists including Saba, Peter CottonTale, and duendita. The album’s tracklist also includes the previously released song Tiny Garden.

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In conjunction with the album announcement, Woods has treated her fans to a brand new track titled Boomerang. The song is a dynamic blend of past dance eras and modern beats, creating an irresistible groove that beckons listeners to the dancefloor. Woods co-wrote the track with Nao, GRADES, and George Moore, and it reflects on the complexities of a recurring relationship.

Discussing the inspiration behind “Boomerang,” Woods explains, “It’s a song about that kind of relationship that keeps popping back up throughout your life, that magnetic attachment you have to someone and the excitement and anxiety that comes with wondering ‘will we or won’t we?'”

Accompanying the release of “Boomerang” is a visually stunning music video co-directed by Jordan Phelps and Vincent Martell. The video features scenes in a laundromat and showcases Woods transforming from casual wear into a costume reminiscent of the iconic Josephine Baker for a captivating performance.

While the upcoming album Water Made Us holds much anticipation, it’s noteworthy that the tracklist will not include the song Boundaries, which Woods released in October of the previous year.

Water Made Us marks Woods’ return after four years since the release of LEGACY! LEGACY!. The anticipation for the new album is fueled by the quality of the previously shared songs like EARTHA and GIOVANNI.

You can listen to Jamila Woods’ new track “Boomerang” below, and her album ‘Water Made Us’ is set to be a significant and eagerly awaited addition to her discography.