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New Music Latin: Listen to Releases From Maluma & Carin Leon, Ha*Ash, Los Ángeles Azules & More

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Get ready to groove to the rhythm of the hottest Latin music releases of the week! From the fusion of pop and norteño to soulful ballads, this week’s New Music Latin playlist is a captivating mix of emotions and genres. Superstars like Maluma, Ha*Ash, and Carlos Vives join forces with rising talents like Maria Becerra to bring you a collection of tracks that will have you hitting the repeat button. Let’s dive into the melodies and stories behind these new releases that are taking the Latin music scene by storm.

Maluma & Carin Leon – “Según Quién

Maluma, the Colombian superstar, collaborates with Carin Leon, a leading figure in the Mexican regional music scene, for their latest single “Según Quién.” The song seamlessly blends pop-norteño with acoustic guitars and a trumpet to create a unique sound. Produced by Edgar Barrera and co-written by Maluma, Barrera, Keityn, Lenin Yorney PalaciosLexus,” and Luis Miguel Gómez CastañoCasta,” the song is a dedication to someone who mistakenly believes they are still loved. The track will be part of Maluma’s upcoming album Don Juan, set to be released on August 25.

Ha*Ash feat. Reik – “Te Acuerdas

Powerhouse pop acts Ha*Ash and Reik unite for “Te Acuerdas,” a soulful romantic song that showcases their signature power ballad style. The stripped-down track features piano and guitars, allowing Hanna, Ashley, and Jesús Navarro’s captivating vocals to shine as they sing about the difficulty of letting go of a past lover. The collaboration has been highly anticipated by fans of both groups, making it a heartfelt and resonant release.

Mon Laferte – “Te Juro Que Volveré

Te Juro Que Volveré” unexpectedly became the first release from Mon Laferte‘s upcoming album. The song narrates a story of a young woman leaving her hometown to pursue her dreams, promising her mother to return as soon as possible. With its melancholic cumbia style, the track reflects on unfulfilled promises and the challenges of pursuing one’s aspirations. The accompanying dark visualizer adds an evocative layer to the emotional narrative.

Carlos Vives & Juanes – “Las Mujeres

Colombian superstars Carlos Vives and Juanes pay tribute to women in their folkloric collaboration “Las Mujeres.” The song celebrates the beauty and diversity of Colombian women, incorporating elements of vallenato-pop and showcasing the rock touch of Juanes’ electric guitar. The music video features women from various backgrounds and professions, further emphasizing the empowerment and strength of Colombian women.

AnittaFunk Generation: A Favela Love Story Casi Casi

Anitta presents a carioca funk trilogy with Funk Generation: A Favela Love Story, including the energetic tracks “Casi Casi” and “Used to Be.” The Brazilian superstar captures the essence of the favela culture with a no-holds-barred celebration of music and life. The release is accompanied by a vibrant music video that complements the lively spirit of the songs.

Los Ángeles Azules & Maria Becerra – “El Amor De Mi Vida

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Los Ángeles Azules and Maria Becerra deliver “El Amor de mi Vida.” The song seamlessly blends cumbia sonidera and cumbia villera, backed by Maria Becerra’s powerful vocals and soft accordion and guitar melodies. The track narrates a story of being fully committed to love, and the music video features Becerra’s family members, adding a personal touch to the heartfelt release.