Dylan Sinclair Releases New Single "Fly Girl" and Shows Off His Infatuation

Dylan Sinclair Releases New Single “Fly Girl” and Shows Off His Infatuation

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Dylan Sinclair, the Canadian singer-songwriter, has just dropped his latest single Fly Girl, which serves as his first single release of 2023. The song revolves around Sinclair’s admiration for a captivating woman who has inspired both the track’s title and its lyrics.

In “Fly Girl,” Sinclair exudes confidence and swagger as he expresses his fascination for the enchanting woman who has caught his attention. The song’s lyrics playfully detail how he can’t help but showcase this alluring figure to the world, making other men envious. Sinclair’s admiration is vividly portrayed as he describes his own reactions to her presence, like wiping his bottom lip after being mesmerized by her beauty.

“Keeping this girl round me she’s / Squeaky clean / Head to her feet / Fit is too fresh, Febreze / Ay / Big stepping for me / She wanna get nude / I told her the fit is too rude,” Sinclair croons.

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This release comes after Sinclair’s remix of “Open” featuring Destin Conrad and Jvck James, which was unveiled last fall as part of the No Longer in the Suburbs (Deluxe) EP. The EP’s expanded edition included three additional tracks. The original version of Open and previously shared tracks like Suppress and Lifetime were also part of the project, which was initially released on May 11, 2022, via Five Stone Records.

In a 2022 interview, Sinclair discussed the intent behind his music, particularly the No Longer in the Suburbs project. I want people to kind of experience their own [personal growth] from listening to the music,” Sinclair stated. He expressed his desire for both long-time listeners and newcomers to enjoy his music, whether through upbeat tracks like “Open” and “I’m in It”, or through emotionally resonant songs like “Lifetime” and “How Dare I”.

Sinclair’s musical prowess and impact were further acknowledged this spring when his feature on Savannah Ré’s Last One” earned him the prestigious JUNO Award for Traditional R&B/Soul Recording of the Year. This recognition marked his first JUNO Award win.

Sinclair is set to grace the stage at the All Points East Festival in London on August 26, followed by a headline performance at Village Underground on August 30. His new track “Fly Girl” is yet another addition to his evolving musical journey.

Listen to “Fly Girl” by Dylan Sinclair: