Alina Baraz Shares Emotional New Song "Don't Buy Me Roses"

Alina Baraz Shares Emotional New Song “Don’t Buy Me Roses”

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Alt-R&B singer Alina Baraz has released a new track titled “Don’t Buy Me Roses.” The song, co-produced by Los Hendrix and lophiile, showcases Baraz reaching her breaking point as she reflects on a past relationship that has come to an end and is beyond repair.

In the song’s lyrics, Baraz expresses her feelings of naivety, revealing that she was deeply invested in the relationship, only to realize that her partner was not as committed as she was. She questions her partner’s late-night activities and whereabouts, conveying a sense of betrayal and frustration.

“Don’t Buy Me Roses” features Baraz’s signature velvet-smooth vocals, creating an atmospheric and emotionally charged atmosphere. The song also includes backing vocals from fellow R&B artist Col3trane, adding depth and dimension to the track.

Alina Baraz Don't Buy Me Roses

This release follows Baraz’s previous song, “Keep Me In Love,” which came out in August. In discussing the inspiration behind “Don’t Buy Me Roses,” Baraz explained that the song emerged from her contemplation of whether someone could truly invest the same time, love, and energy into her as she does into herself. She touches on the challenges of maintaining love and the desire for reciprocation.

Both “Don’t Buy Me Roses” and “Keep Me In Love” mark Baraz’s return to music after her 2021 EPs Moongate and Sunbeam. In 2020, she released her debut album, It Was Divine, through Mom + Pop. Since then, she has taken a different direction in her music career, parting ways with the independent label and opting for self-releasing her music.

Listeners can stream Alina Baraz’s new song “Don’t Buy Me Roses” to experience her emotionally charged and introspective take on relationships and love.