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Power Navigates The Labyrinth Of Modern Love In “Is It True”

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With chart-busters like “Hook Up” and “Play With Me,” LA’s fast-emerging hip-hop prodigy, Power, brings forth yet another gem, “Is It True.” The maverick rapper’s new track is an intimate expedition into the nuanced territories of love, where the lines between genuine affection and fleeting fascination blur amidst the glitz of fame and the lure of materialism.

“Is It True” captures the restlessness that love brings – that undying need to determine if feelings are genuine or just a passing phase. Lines in the song evoke a feeling of urgency, as if seeking validation for every moment spent with a lover. Yet, there’s an underlying sense of intoxication, like being on a high. 


It’s this love-drug duality that Power taps into, pointing to the thrill and the trap, the high and the shackles that come with such overpowering connections. And it’s not just about love. With the contemporary backdrop of social media influence and the lust for fame, the artist adds layers of insecurity and suspicion, raising doubts whether intentions are genuine.

But this sonic experience is only half the tale. Under the creative vision of both Power and Aman Bhatia, the song’s video is rife with symbols of temptation, mystery, and the eternal battle between desire and truth. From the captivating visuals of serpents to the mesmerizing interplay of shadows and light, in addition to the Egyptian motifs, the seductive play of rose petals, and the omnipresent triangles, all fuse together, painting a saga of internal battles and external allure.

Power‘s latest track poses a timeless question – is diving headfirst into an intense romance a leap into unparalleled happiness or a potential pitfall? “Is It True” portrays a burning love affair where two souls, both recovering from past heartaches, collide. While one is apprehensive, fearing another heartbreak, the other is all in, wearing their heart on their sleeve. 

Watch the official music video for the song below:

Listen to “Is It True” here: