This Week's Top New Pop Releases: Catchy Collaborations and Emotional Anthems

This Week’s Top New Pop Releases: Catchy Collaborations and Emotional Anthems

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As August winds down and summer nears its end, this week’s influx of new pop releases offers a blend of high-energy tracks perfect for dancing and introspective tunes that hit you in the feels. Whether you’re in the mood to rock out or have a cathartic cry, the world of pop music has you covered.

1. Addison Rae — “2 Die 4” (feat. Charli XCX)

Addison Rae‘s much-anticipated unreleased music finally sees the light of day, and one standout track features a collaboration with Charli XCX. This unexpected pairing delivers a fun and fiery anthem, marking the start of a hot girl era.

2. Reneé Rapp — “23

Reneé Rapp‘s album Snow Angel showcases her remarkable vocal prowess, with the closing track “23” shining a light on her personal reflections. Released just before her birthday, the song delves into hopes for change in the coming year.

3. Charlie Puth — “Lipstick

Charlie Puth‘s lead single from his upcoming album embraces the passionate energy suggested by its title. With fiery lyrics and Puth’s signature style, “Lipstick” is a mix that he proudly labels as one of his favorites.

4. Anitta — “Used To Be

Anitta draws inspiration from the carioca funk that defined her upbringing in the nostalgic track “Used To Be.” Part of the three-track project Funk Generation: A Favela Love Story, the song encapsulates Anitta’s entertaining and evocative approach.

5. aespa — “Better Things

aespa reclaims their power in “Better Things” after a failed relationship. With empowering lyrics like “I’m so g*ddamn sure my energy is just too precious to waste,” the girl group’s message of moving forward is loud and clear.

6. Jon Batiste, Lana Del Rey — “Life Lesson

Jon Batiste‘s collaboration with Lana Del Rey on “Life Lesson,” the closing track of his album World Music Radio, brings together their emotional vocals for a captivating result. Del Rey’s verse adds a touch of dreaminess to the track’s dark undertones.

7. Madison Beer — “Spinnin

Spinnin” is Madison Beer’s heartfelt preview from her upcoming album Silence Between Songs. The track captures the feeling of being stuck and anxious, making for a poignant and relatable experience.

8. Lolo Zouaï — “Encore

Lolo Zouaï’s electronic beats and multilingual vocals shine in “Encore,” a highly anticipated follow-up to her 2022 track Pl4yg1rl. This song maintains Zouaï’s captivating musical style.

9. Finn Askew — “Used To This

Collaborating with producer Mojam (known for working with Sam Smith), Finn Askew offers “Used To This,” an R&B-infused track that incorporates a unique instrumental. The result is a catchy hit with a fresh twist.

10. Leah Kate — “Get In Loser

Leah Kate’s “Get In Loser” is a summer anthem that embraces pop-rock influences. With moody vocals and carefree lyrics, the track sets the mood for a lively weekend and carefree moments.

These releases, representing a diverse array of pop styles, continue to shape the contemporary pop landscape. Stay tuned for more exciting releases on the horizon.