Chxrry22 Reflects on Regrets in Latest Single "More"

Chxrry22 Reflects on Regrets in Latest Single “More”

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Chxrry22, the prominent figure at XO Records, has unveiled her latest single More, a song that delves into feelings of regret and frustration towards a persistent and bothersome partner. The track showcases collaborative efforts with DIXSON in both writing and production, resulting in a composition that resonates with authenticity.

In “More,” Chxrry22 vividly expresses her exasperation with a partner who has become increasingly overbearing following a shared intimate connection. The lyrics portray her dissatisfaction as he continually brings up his past relationships, failing to approach their budding connection with the patience and sincerity she seeks.

The chorus captures her sentiments as she croons, “Calling my job, calling my girls / Giving obsessed (giving obsessed) / Begging for time / Every night / It’s giving pressed,” effectively conveying the intrusive nature of her partner’s actions.

Chxrry22 herself shed light on the meaning behind “More,” stating, “‘More’ is about shamelessly expressing what you want out of a situation and not feeling bad about it — not settling and not wasting time.” She further elaborated that this track serves as a prelude to her upcoming music endeavors, hinting at a consistent theme in her evolving discography.

More emerges as a sequel to her previous release, Worlds Away, a song produced by Camper that marked her entry into the music scene for the year. Accompanied by a captivating visual directed by NSTY, “Worlds Away” set the tone for Chxrry22’s artistic direction.

These recent releases closely follow Chxrry22‘s debut EP, The Other Side, released under XO Records and Republic Records in September 2022. The EP was a compelling representation of her candid and unapologetic approach to songwriting, as showcased by tracks like The Falls and Call Me.”

Chxrry22 revealed her inspiration for “The Other Side,” emphasizing a commitment to honesty in her music, “My approach to writing this project was, ‘Just be as honest as you can be and talk about everything — the good and the bad. Don’t make yourself the victim… Someone’s gotta be the villain.

Chxrry22‘s artistic journey is set to take a new dimension as she prepares to open for The Weeknd‘s After Hours Til Dawn Tour during its Australia and New Zealand leg, cementing her presence in the music scene and promising more authentic and relatable tunes for her growing fanbase.