Jozzy Unveils Deluxe Edition of Debut EP 'Songs for Women'

Jozzy Unveils Deluxe Edition of Debut EP Songs for Women

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Rising singer-songwriter Jozzy is making a bold statement with the release of the deluxe edition of her debut EP, Songs for Women, Free Game for N**s. This expanded version treats listeners to two bonus tracks, a fresh mix of “Commotion” by Siobhan Bell, and an accelerated rendition of “Favorite Shirt.”

One of the standouts from this deluxe edition is “Like Me,” produced by Deputy. In this track, Jozzy empowers a potential love interest to openly express their emotions. She expressed “Deputy, a remarkable producer, sent me a beat one night, and coincidentally, I had just finished speaking to a friend of mine. We both had a mutual crush on each other, and I simply told her, ‘Just say you like me.’ The timing was perfect as the song carries a flirty vibe.”

Jozzy Songs For Women Deluxe

The second of the two new additions, “Since 21,” offers a supportive message to women patiently waiting for the right person to enter their lives. Jozzy’s explanation of the song’s intent sheds light on its meaning, “It’s dedicated to every woman who has grown cautious of love because she knows she’s not compatible with everyone. She’s a valuable prize, and instead of settling, she’s content with being single for as long as it takes.

Originally released in February through Sean “Diddy” Combs‘ Love Records, the standard version of Songs for Women showcased Jozzy’s ability to navigate the complexities of relationships. Jozzy elaborated on the project’s theme, stating, “This project delves into the authentic emotions women experience while navigating relationships, while also providing men with candid insights. I identify with both sides of the spectrum due to my blend of masculine and feminine energy. That’s why I believe this body of work will resonate with the world.

Experience the artistic evolution of Jozzy’s Songs for Women, Free Game for N**s (Deluxe Edition) by streaming it below.