Image of ISOxo singer of KIDSGONEMAD

ISOxo Announces Upcoming Debut Album-KIDSGONEMAD!

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The exhilarating world of electronic music is about to be rocked with the arrival of ISOxo‘s much-anticipated debut album. Known for his fiery, aggressive sound and a punk-inspired look, ISOxo has declared the completion of his forthcoming album, “KIDSGONEMAD!“. This breakout Class of 2022 artist has revolutionized the dance music domain, redefining the trap genre while inspiring an army of ambitious post-dubstep producers for a radiant tomorrow.

Given the plethora of unreleased music within the ISOxo ecosystem, speculation is rife about which tracks will be included in “KIDSGONEMAD!”. Over the past few months, ISOxo has unveiled a myriad of new tracks in live performances, stirring up anticipation for collaborations with industry giants like Skrillex, RL Grime, and Wavedash.

ISOxo initially hinted at the creation of “KIDSGONEMAD!” on social media in late 2022, intending to drop it in 2023. However, the artist has largely stayed mum since that announcement, until now. He has confirmed that fans can eagerly anticipate new music from the album, set to debut as early as next week.

Artist bio:

ISOxo is a trailblazing artist who has made a name for himself in the electronic music scene with his unique, punk-influenced aesthetic and raw, edgy sound. His talent for reinventing trap music and nurturing a new generation of post-dubstep producers landed him a spot in the coveted Class of 2022. ISOxo‘s upcoming debut album, “KIDSGONEMAD!” has been the talk of the industry, with expectations high for what promises to be a genre-defining contribution to electronic music. The artist’s drive, innovation, and audacity ensure his place in the vanguard of modern music production.