Image of Galo Singer of Move with me

Galo’s Resurrected Club Single “Move With Me” Shakes the Dance Floor

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Galo, the illustrious producer, is known for taking his time to perfect his masterpieces – a trait exemplified by his latest single “Move With Me.” The conceptualization of this track dates back three years, which in the world of rapidly evolving dance music, can seem like a lifetime.

Back then, the foundation of “Move With Me” was laid, but Galo didn’t feel the track was ready to meet the audience’s eager ears. The essence of this club-inspired single remained persistent in his mind, waiting for the right time to reemerge.

As he acquired more expertise and honed his skills, Galo felt compelled to revisit his earlier project, bringing “Move With Me” to its rightful, stunning completion. Even with the elapsed time, the song’s standout feature, the agile arpeggiated bassline, offers a unique synth creation that breaks the norm.

The vivacious rhythm of this tech-house creation affirms Galo‘s talent in producing unforgettable club hits. Galo, already acclaimed for his work with Hood Politics Records and Terminal Underground, expands his portfolio by debuting on Dr. Fresch‘s House Call Records with “Move With Me.” Take a listen to this magnificent track below.

About Galo:

Galo is a renowned music producer, celebrated for his unique approach towards creating dance music. Known for his meticulous attention to detail, he has mastered the art of producing music that resounds with audiences worldwide. Over the years, he has made significant contributions to labels like Hood Politics Records and Terminal Underground. His recent debut on Dr. Fresch’s House Call Records with the single “Move With Me” further showcases his unrivaled talent. Galo‘s creativity, resilience, and passion for music continue to elevate his status in the music industry.