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Nate Brazier’s Introspective Journey in New EP – “Nothing Sacred”

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Renowned South London artist Nate Brazier announces the launch of his fresh EP, “Nothing Sacred,” set for release on August 11th. Recognized for his distinctive alt-R&B style, Brazier has been highlighted by Clash as a rising star to watch out for in the music industry this year. His latest EP is a testament to this prediction, showcasing a journey that delves into the depths of soulful exploration.

Nothing Sacred” marks an evolution in Brazier‘s musical journey. It is a manifestation of his growth and maturity, as he navigates the nuances of adulthood while discarding the remnants of adolescent qualms. According to Brazier, the driving theme behind this EP is a quest for identity, particularly in the aftermath of his 20th birthday. This search for self-awareness is a progression from his last EP, which was a tribute to his teenage years and the camaraderie of growing up.

The artist notes, “The main focus for the EP was a search for identity, in particular since turning 20, after the last EP was centred around my teens and growing up with friends. “Nothing Sacred” looks at the rejection of an inherited moral compass, and a redefinition of personal values.”

The new track from the EP, “Episode“, has already hit the airwaves and demonstrates Brazier’s multidimensional approach to his art. Being a self-produced number, “Episode” leverages a choir sample, which is then transformed to evoke a darker, deeply personal sentiment. On this, Brazier remarks, “With “Episode” I wanted to flip this beautiful choir sample on its head, and bring a really menacing energy to the track.”

In the riveting journey that “Nothing Sacred” promises, audiences will witness Nate Brazier‘s evolution as an artist while being captivated by his soul-stirring music. It’s clear that Brazier is set to disrupt the musical landscape, making “Nothing Sacred” an anticipated release of this year.

Artist Bio:

Nate Brazier is a rising star in the alt-R&B scene, hailing from South London. Brazier has a reputation for introspective and soulful music, offering listeners an intimate glimpse into his personal evolution. His debut EP centered on his teenage years, encapsulating the complexities of growing up. His latest work, “Nothing Sacred“, marks a shift towards self-discovery and personal growth. Brazier is a self-produced artist, showcasing his musical versatility and originality, making him a talent to watch in the coming years.