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KURA and Vedenzo’s Electrifying New Track “Step One” – Listen Now

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In an electrifying union of music talent, renowned artists KURA and Vedenzo have teamed up to create an explosive new track titled “Step One.” According to KURA, this dynamic track is a key highlight of his sets and has been incredibly well-received in various venues. The track’s impact is designed to captivate audiences and amplify their enjoyment.

The “Step One” collaboration between KURA and Vedenzo seamlessly merges their individual musical strengths and delivers a stunning end product. The track emanates vibrant energy and promises to get listeners on their feet and onto the dance floor in seconds. It reflects a masterful blend of House, Tech House, and Bass House music, a unique amalgamation that showcases the duo’s impressive musical talents. Vedenzo, who has been looking forward to the release of “Step One” for over two years, expresses his excitement over this collaborative project.

“Step One” is a remarkable fusion of KURA’s distinctive energetic style and Vedenzo’s melodious aesthetic. It’s a track that promises a unique experience from start to finish. With a series of successful tracks under his belt, KURA, the Portuguese DJ/Producer, continues to captivate his audience with highly energetic and feel-good vibes. In contrast, Vedenzo, the Ukrainian DJ/Producer, exhibits a nostalgic approach to music, drawing inspiration from the classic tunes of the ’90s, resulting in sounds that resonate with audiences globally.

KURA shared his thoughts on the collaboration, stating, “Vedenzo and I have collaborated on a lot of tracks, we share the same taste in music and we decided to make a new track, that combined the vibes of 90s house music and something new and unique that could combine chunky beats and big energy. Tried and tested in a lot of venues, “Step One” is definitely a highlight on my sets, we are so happy with the end result and hopefully everyone can enjoy it as much as we do.”

“Step One” is set to create waves in the music industry, being released under Afrojack’s WALL Recordings. The track, primed to garner global attention, has been deemed a certified hit. We’re keenly looking forward to KURA and Vedenzo’s future musical endeavors, but for now, make sure to experience the full glory of “Step One” on all major streaming platforms.


KURA is a respected name in the global music industry. Born in Portugal, this acclaimed DJ/Producer is recognized for his high-energy beats and danceable tracks. Over the years, KURA’s musical repertoire has received accolades from top artists in the industry. His tracks consistently top charts, proving his wide appeal. With an innate ability to combine innovative and classic musical elements, KURA continues to capture the hearts of listeners worldwide.


Q1: Who are the artists collaborating on “Step One”?

A: The artists collaborating on “Step One” are KURA, a renowned DJ/Producer hailing from Portugal known for his high-energy beats and unique musical style, and Vedenzo, a respected DJ/Producer from Ukraine who draws inspiration from the golden era of the ’90s to create nostalgic yet captivating melodies.

Q2: What are the distinctive music styles of KURA and Vedenzo?

A: KURA is known for his energetic and vibrant beats, often producing music that incites a feel-good vibe and a desire to dance. On the other hand, Vedenzo is celebrated for his more old-school style, drawing inspiration from the melodic sounds of the 1990s, which captivate audiences worldwide.

Q3: Under which record label has “Step One” been released?

A: “Step One” has been released under Afrojack’s WALL Recordings. The label is renowned for its high-quality releases and is well-respected in the music industry.