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DYLI Breaks Down “backseat, Pt. 2” Exploring The Complexities Of Love And Friendship

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Multi-talented singer, songwriter, and rapper, DYLI, returns with a new standout single titled, “backseat, Pt. 2.” The artist continues the narrative introduced in her previous release, “backseat.” The two songs showcase a drastic difference in feelings, capturing the intricate dynamics of transitioning from friends to lovers and the conflicting emotions that come with it. Both can be enjoyed separately but also form a connected story, allowing listeners to experience different moods and perspectives. 

DYLI incorporates her singing and rapping skills in “backseat, Pt. 2,” showcasing her artistic versatility and adding an R&B vibe with an upbeat flow. The new track marks a milestone in her career, contributing to the progression of her musicality and the stories she aims to tell. Fans can look forward to more releases and videos from her this year, as she has been continuously creating and experimenting with different styles.

In “backseat, Pt. 2,” you continue the story introduced in your previous single “backseat.” Can you tell us how your perspective and emotions have evolved between the two songs? 

The difference in feelings between “backseat” and “backseat, Pt. 2” is drastic. I started with conflicting emotions and confused feelings, all for it to end with assurance and confidence. The songs tell a story of an evolving relationship between two people who are connected as friends but don’t know how to approach this intense sensation and thrill. They’re very different perspectives.

How did you capture the intricate dynamics of transitioning from friends to lovers and the conflicting emotions that accompany such a journey? Was the process challenging or smooth?

The process was extremely challenging. It was a personal journey so lyrically everything fell into place, but the actual emotions were difficult to navigate. It’s crazy to me how that works… creating art to share with the world but feeling so vulnerable at the same time.

Can you explain how “backseat” and “backseat, Pt. 2” can be enjoyed separately while still forming a connected story?

The way I wrote the two songs was from my perspective but I don’t think it’s a unique one. So I think many people can relate. The songs are meant to tell a story but don’t have to go hand in hand. Each song represents a different mood so you’ll get a completely different vibe from them individually and as a whole. Even listening to them in reverse delivers an entirely new story.

Mixing singing and rapping skills showcases your artistic versatility. How did you incorporate these elements in your latest single, and what kind of impact do you think it has on the overall sound and message of the track?

I love writing love songs, but I also love rapping.. so bringing the two of them together is so much fun for me. In “backseat, Pt. 2,” I wanted an R&B type vibe so as to keep the lovey elements in place, as well as a bit of a flow to keep it upbeat. I think the two energies complement each other very well.

We’d love to hear more about “Package & Deliver”! Could you share some details about the single and what it represents? 

“Package & Deliver” is a nod to me and my team’s work ethic. It is essentially a testament to our accomplishments with so much more to come. We work hard and set goals all the time. “Package & Deliver” represents that. “Every time we order, package, and deliver” is a phrase that shows that. We know what we want and we make it happen, with the help, work and support of each other.

As an artist who has been in the industry since a young age, what aspects of your growth and development do you feel are reflected in “backseat, Pt. 2”? How does this song contribute to the progression of your musical career and the stories you aim to tell?

I love making music because I see a difference in every song I create. I consider “backseat, Pt. 2” a milestone for me simply because of the difference between this and “backseat,” which was released in 2020. To me, the progression is drastic.

What exciting projects are you currently working on in terms of new releases and music videos? Are there any summer shows in the pipeline that your fans should be aware of?

I have tons of new music coming out this year so I’d tell everyone to keep an eye out for that. I’ve been in the studio constantly creating more and more art and playing with different vibes. This year will be a big one in terms of music output. Got a lil something for everyone.

Listen to “backseat, Pt. 2” below: