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BOY2K’s Debut EP “Y2K Is Dead” Takes Electro-pop Into the Future

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Electro-pop power-duo BOY2K have officially announced the release of their debut EP, “Y2K Is Dead“. The fresh talent made the announcement on their official socials, leaving their fans buzzing with anticipation.

The EP will introduce BOY2K’s uniquely addictive blend of electronic beats and stirring pop melodies to the world. “Y2K Is Dead” signifies the beginning of an exciting new journey for both the artists and their rapidly growing fanbase.

An Iconic Sound

The EP’s first single, “Millennium Love“, is a testament to BOY2K’s style. With its gripping synth sounds and irresistible hooks, it’s a taste of what’s to come in “Y2K Is Dead”. The duo confidently embodies the new age of electro-pop, as they previously demonstrated in their collaboration with producer Matt Barri.

‘Y2K Is Dead’ is available on all streaming platforms under the label Syzygy Records. Fans are invited to connect with BOY2K on Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok for the latest updates and behind-the-scenes content.

About BOY2K

Consisting of long-time friends turned musical partners, BOY2K have been crafting their unique sound in the heart of LA. Their music, rich in synthetic landscapes and emotionally charged pop hooks, gives a fresh perspective to the electronic music scene. With “Y2K Is Dead”, they are set to establish their name in the electro-pop landscape.

“Y2K Is Dead marks our debut in the music industry and embodies our vision for the future of electro-pop,” BOY2K shared in a statement.

Source: BOY2K Official Press Release


  1. Who are BOY2K? BOY2K is an emerging electro-pop duo based in LA known for their unique blend of electronic beats and pop melodies.
  2. What is ‘Y2K Is Dead’? ‘Y2K Is Dead’ is the debut EP from BOY2K, marking their official entry into the music industry.
  3. Where can I listen to “Y2K Is Dead”? “Y2K Is Dead” is available on all major music streaming platforms.