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Groove with Janika, N2N, and LEFTI’s “411”

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Three of the music industry’s rising stars, Janika, N2N, and LEFTI, have collaborated to create a compelling musical experience, “411“. This electrifying track is a blend of infectious grooves and memorable hooks that showcases each artist’s unique style and talent. The synergy of this collaborative effort is simply undeniable, creating an invigorating dance-worthy tune that will have you grooving in no time.

The genius of N2N‘s expertise shines throughout the track, giving listeners a vivid glimpse of his groundbreaking sound. The NYC-based producer has been consistently rising in the ranks with his unique flair for sonic storytelling. You can check out his previous work on his Twitter and Instagram.

LEFTI brings a distinctive, high-energy vibe to “411“. This Brooklyn-based artist is known for his mesmerizing beats and innovative approach to electronic music. You can dive deeper into his world on Twitter and Instagram.

With her soulful voice, Janika adds an ethereal layer to the track. This Finnish singer-songwriter’s ability to meld her sound with the energetic production of N2N and LEFTI is testament to her flexibility and prowess. Learn more about her on Twitter and Instagram.

The irresistible groove of “411” can be attributed to the seamless collaboration of these talented artists. The track is a testament to their collective power, and you can expect to hear much more from this dynamic trio in the future.

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About the Artists

Janika, N2N, and LEFTI are talented artists who have individually made significant strides in the music industry. Together, they have collaborated on the vibrant track, “411“, showcasing their collective strength and individual talents. Janika is a Finnish singer-songwriter known for her soulful voice, N2N is a NYC-based producer with a knack for sonic storytelling, and LEFTI is a Brooklyn-based artist who creates mesmerizing electronic beats.


Q1: Who collaborated on the track “411”?

A1: The track “411” is a collaboration between Janika, N2N, and LEFTI.

Q2: Where can I listen to “411”?

A2: “411” is available on all major music streaming platforms.

Q3: What genre of music do these artists represent?

A3: These artists collectively represent the electronic music genre with influences of pop and dance music.