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“Brisa” Summer Anthem by Tom & Collins and Dean Mickoski

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Electronic maestros Tom & Collins and Dean Mickoski are turning up the heat this summer, uniting their sonic prowess to bring forth a sun-drenched stunner aptly titled “Brisa“. The energetic track is a perfect blend of the artists’ signature styles, seamlessly weaving a symphony that’s both inviting and invigorating, offering listeners an immersive experience.

Read more about Tom & Collins on their official website and follow them on their Instagram and Twitter accounts. Connect with Dean Mickoski on Instagram and Twitter as well to keep up with their latest creations.

Already making waves across various music platforms, “Brisa” promises to be a staple anthem in this year’s summer playlists.

About the Artists

Tom & Collins, the dynamic DJ duo from Mexico City, have been crafting a unique blend of electronic sounds for nearly a decade. Known for their forward-thinking approach and distinctive soundscapes, they have carved a notable niche in the global electronic music scene.

Dean Mickoski, the New York-based DJ and producer, is known for his deep and seductive house music. His sophisticated production style has earned him recognition in the international dance music community, further solidifying his status as a prominent figure in the industry.


  1. Who are Tom & Collins and Dean Mickoski?
    Tom & Collins are a DJ duo from Mexico City, known for their unique electronic sound. Dean Mickoski is a New York-based DJ and producer recognized for his deep house music.
  2. What is “Brisa”?
    “Brisa” is a collaboration between Tom & Collins and Dean Mickoski. It’s a summertime anthem that perfectly blends the artists’ signature styles.
  3. Where can I follow these artists?
    You can follow Tom & Collins and Dean Mickoski on their official Instagram and Twitter accounts. Check the article for the respective links.


The information for this article was sourced from the official social media accounts and websites of the artists: Tom & Collins and Dean Mickoski.