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Sam Silver’s New Track “Witness” NYC’s Rising Star Shines Bright

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Rising NYC-based producer Sam Silver is creating a seismic shift in the music landscape. Teaming up with hip-hop virtuosos Whiterosemoxie, A$AP Ant, and Corey St. Rose, Silver presents his latest masterpiece, “Witness”.

“Witness” is a testament to Silver’s ability to create synergistic sounds with his collaborators, echoing the beat of New York City’s vibrant musical culture.

Released under the esteemed NYC Records, “Witness” fuses Silver’s unique atmospheric production with Whiterosemoxie’s powerful lyricism and the compelling performances by A$AP Ant and Corey St. Rose. The track encapsulates the soul of NYC, with its dynamic beats and enthralling rhythms.

“Witness” is about embodying the energy and diversity of New York City, said Silver”. “It’s a testament to the city’s rich tapestry of cultures and its constant evolution.”

Fans are already showing their love for “Witness”, with early previews on social media generating a groundswell of anticipation and praise. The track is now available on all major music platforms, and listeners are undoubtedly in for an unforgettable musical experience.

Here are the social media links for the artists involved in the song “Witness”:

About Sam Silver

Sam Silver, a rising star in NYC’s music scene, is known for his extraordinary fusion of electronic, hip-hop, and R&B elements. Despite being a new face in the industry, his unique soundscapes have earned him considerable acclaim. Silver’s ability to blend various musical elements into cohesive, captivating tracks is a testament to his innovative approach and exceptional talent.

“Silver’s knack for breaking musical norms is invigorating. He brings a fresh voice to an industry ready for change.” – NYC Music Review

“Witness” is another feather in Silver’s cap, further cementing his position as one of the most promising producers in the NYC music scene.


Q: Who is Sam Silver?
A: Sam Silver is a rising NYC-based music producer known for his unique fusion of electronic, hip-hop, and R&B music.

Q: Who collaborated with Sam Silver for ‘Witness’?
A: Whiterosemoxie, A$AP Ant, and Corey St. Rose collaborated with Sam Silver for ‘Witness’.

Q: Under which label was ‘Witness’ released?
A: ‘Witness’ was released under the esteemed NYC Records.

Q: Where can I listen to ‘Witness’?
A: ‘Witness’ is available on all major music platforms.

Q: How can I follow Sam Silver on social media?
A: You can follow Sam Silver on Twitter, Instagram, and Soundcloud.