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Capri Everitt’s “Wonder” Breaks Into Top 100 Major Labels Taking Notice

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The music industry is set to be revolutionized by the sudden ascent of Capri Everitt‘s single, “Wonder”, as it phenomenally breaks into the Top 100. This young, talented artist is now under the spotlight, with major labels sitting up to take notice.

Who is Capri Everitt?

Canadian born, Capri Everitt is a young music sensation making waves in the industry. Her dynamic voice, charisma, and ability to emotionally connect through music has led to her rapid rise. Capri is not new to the limelight – she previously garnered global attention when she ambitiously sang the national anthems of 80 countries in their respective languages. Now, she’s back on the world stage, and this time it’s her original single, “Wonder” that’s creating the buzz.

A “Wonder” of a song!

Wonder” is a spellbinding track, beautifully blending pop rhythms with a touch of soul. This powerfully captivating song showcases Everitt’s breathtaking vocal range and her ability to weave stories through her music. Released independently, the single’s rapid climb through the charts has caught the attention of not just fans but also influential decision-makers in the music industry. Industry insiders have been abuzz, acknowledging the potential of this rising star. Major record labels are now keeping a keen eye on this burgeoning talent.

Riding the wave of success

“Wonder” has struck a chord with listeners worldwide. It’s not just the charts that tell the story; the surge in streams on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music echo its popularity. The music video for “Wonder”, available on YouTube, has already amassed millions of views, proving that Capri Everitt’s appeal is universal.

What the future holds

As major labels show interest, we anticipate exciting news about Capri Everitt’s career trajectory soon. The growing appreciation for “Wonder” suggests that she’s hit a resonant note, and this young musician might be about to embark on the journey of a lifetime. With her exceptional talent, Everitt is set to transform the music industry.Follow her journey on

About Capri Everitt

Capri Everitt is a gifted Canadian singer-songwriter known for her mesmerizing voice and charismatic stage presence. She garnered global attention by singing 80 national anthems in 80 countries, in their respective languages. Capri’s newest single, “Wonder”, has now broken into the Top 100, marking a significant milestone in her promising musical career.