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Bishu & Nevve’s Summer Hit “No Rush” Feel the Vibe

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Fans of sun-soaked house music are in for a treat this season as Bishu and Nevve team up to deliver their sizzling new single, “No Rush”.

As its title suggests, “No Rush” embodies a relaxed, carefree vibe, serving as the perfect soundtrack for those long, lazy summer afternoons. The duo’s innovative sound design and Nevve’s mesmerizing vocals come together to create a sun-drenched sonic masterpiece.

No Rush is the ultimate chill-out track for this summer,” said Bishu, real name Krishna K. “Nevve and I wanted to create something that truly captures the spirit of the season. We’re thrilled to see how it will resonate with our fans.”

Bishu, a Canadian EDM producer, and Nevve, an anonymous singer-songwriter collective, have been making waves in the music industry for their distinctive styles. This collaboration marks their first foray into house music, and given the buzz surrounding this release, it certainly won’t be their last.

About Bishu

Bishu, Krishna K., first burst onto the music scene in 2016 with his eclectic blend of trap, future bass, and pop. Known for his innovative sound design and intricate melodies, he has amassed a dedicated fan base across the globe. He has collaborated with top artists and released music through reputable labels like Monstercat and Mad Decent.


1. Who are the artists behind the single “No Rush”?

The single “No Rush” is a collaboration between Bishu, a Canadian EDM producer, and Nevve, an anonymous singer-songwriter collective.

2. What genre is the single “No Rush”?

“No Rush” is a house music single, infused with sun-soaked vibes perfect for the summer season.

3. What other music has Bishu released?

Bishu has previously released music through notable labels such as Monstercat and Mad Decent, often showcasing his unique blend of trap, future bass, and pop.

4. What makes “No Rush” special?

“No Rush” combines the innovative sound design of Bishu with the mesmerizing vocals of Nevve, delivering a relaxed, carefree vibe that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of summer.

5. Where can I follow Bishu and Nevve on social media?

You can follow Bishu on his Twitter and Nevve on their Facebook for more updates.