Everything But The Girl (EBTG) is a legendary English musical duo consisting of singer

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songwriter Tracey Thorn and guitarist/keyboardist Ben Watt. The duo formed in 1982 and became known for their blend of pop, jazz, and electronic music. They achieved commercial success in the 1990s with hits like “Missing” and “Walking Wounded.” Despite disbanding in 2000, EBTG’s music continues to influence and inspire artists today.

One such artist is FUSE, a London-based techno duo consisting of DJs Enzo Siragusa and Rich NxT. FUSE has gained a reputation for their dynamic and energetic DJ sets, as well as their releases on their eponymous label. Their music is deeply rooted in the London club scene, drawing inspiration from house, techno, and garage.

On April 22, 2023, FUSE released a remix of EBTG’s classic track “Missing.” The remix preserves the haunting vocals and emotional lyrics of the original, but adds a pulsating techno beat and atmospheric synth pads. The result is a track that is both nostalgic and contemporary, paying tribute to EBTG’s legacy while also showcasing FUSE’s signature sound.

FUSE’s remix of “Missing” is a testament to the enduring appeal of EBTG’s music. It shows how their songs can be reinterpreted and reinvented for new audiences and new contexts. It also demonstrates the power of collaboration and cross-genre pollination in music, as FUSE’s techno sensibilities breathe new life into a beloved classic.