Top 10 New Music Releases You Don't Want to Miss

Top 10 New Music Releases You Don’t Want to Miss

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Keeping up with new music can feel like an endless chase, with weekly album drops and daily singles flooding our playlists. The sheer volume can make it hard for gems to shine through. To help navigate this sonic flood, here’s a curated selection of standout releases from the past weeks.

1. Nilüfer Yanya – “Method Actor”

Nilüfer Yanya‘s latest single, “Method Actor,” from her upcoming album A Method Actor, explores emotional detachment amidst grungy guitars and introspective lyrics. Yanya’s trademark intensity shines through as she navigates themes of disconnection and vulnerability, creating a compelling contrast between quiet introspection and explosive soundscapes.

2. Lilithu – “Foolish”

Lilithu makes a bold entrance into Brooklyn’s music scene with her debut single “Foolish,” showcasing a unique blend of genres and a deeply personal narrative. Inspired by the mythological figure Lilith, known for her strength and defiance, Lilithu merges reggae and dubstep in collaboration with djburnout420, creating a dynamic and compelling sound. The track explores themes of mental health and self-destructive patterns through poignant lyrics and a fearless musical approach. Set to release her album The Book of Lilith, Lilithu promises a genre-spanning journey that reflects her diverse influences and profound storytelling abilities, marking her as a promising new voice in music.

3. Spirit Of The Beehive – “Let The Virgin Drive”

Spirit Of The Beehive captivates with “Let The Virgin Drive,” blending experimental elements with melodic charm. Featuring auto-tuned vocals, gentle acoustic guitars, and soft synths, the song draws listeners in with its hypnotic allure, punctuated by subtle hints of unease lurking beneath its serene surface.

4. Tommy Richman — “Devil Is A Lie”

Tommy Richman continues his ascent as a breakout star with his latest track, “Devil Is A Lie,” following the success of “Million Dollar Baby.” Known for his catchy, high-pitched hooks that have made waves on TikTok, Richman aims to solidify his place beyond a one-hit wonder. “Devil Is A Lie” showcases his knack for infectious melodies and marks another step in his promising career trajectory.

5. Kate Peytavin – “make u miss me”

Kate Peytavin is making waves with her new single “make u miss me“! The song explores themes of obsession and emotional turmoil, showcasing Kate’s dynamic vocals and bold musical style. Directed by Hannah Tacher, the accompanying video adds a visual layer to the song’s intensity, blurring the lines between fantasy and reality. With a promising start to her career and support from industry giants like John Mayer and Olivia Rodrigo, Kate Peytavin is definitely an artist to watch in the alt-pop scene.

6. Midwife – “Killdozer”

Midwife‘s “Killdozer” delves into the haunting aftermath of a real-life tragedy, using sparse instrumentation and murmured vocals to explore themes of urban change and personal loss. Madeline Johnston’s ethereal soundscapes create a poignant atmosphere, reflecting on the destructive impact of gentrification with delicate yet powerful storytelling.

7. Toro Y Moi — “Tuesday”

Toro Y Moi continues to explore musical boundaries in his eclectic career, spanning genres from hip-hop to indie rock. His upcoming album Hole Erth, announced recently, promises to showcase his versatility with features from Don Toliver and Death Cab For Cutie’s Ben Gibbard. “Tuesday,” the lead single, blends elements of both genres, highlighting Toro Y Moi’s ability to fuse diverse influences into a cohesive sound that’s both experimental and accessible.

8. Amy Shark — “Two Friends”

Amy Shark is gearing up for a big release with her upcoming album Sunday Sadness and the latest single “Two Friends“! The album, set for release on August 16th, promises to be an emotional journey with tracks like “Beautiful Eyes,” “Loving Me Lover,” and the fan-favorite “Two Friends.” Amy Shark’s storytelling and musical prowess continue to shine through, and with her extensive tour planned across Australia and New Zealand, she’s set to captivate audiences once again.

9. UPSAHL — “Summer So Hot”

UPSAHL is making waves with her new single “Summer So Hot” and gearing up for a massive international tour titled Melt Me Down starting later this summer! The tour kicks off in San Diego and includes stops across major cities in the US, Europe, and the UK. With her distinctive sound and energetic performances, UPSAHL is set to captivate audiences worldwide. Her latest single is already creating buzz as a perfect summer anthem, blending breezy vocals with an electro-infused beat.

10. 6LACK — “FTRG”

6LACK has returned with a powerful new song titled “FTRG” (Fuck The Rap Game), reflecting on the changes and challenges within the music industry. This release comes amid his ongoing North American headlining tour, “No More Lonely Nights Tour.” The song and its accompanying music video delve into his personal journey and artistic integrity, addressing the distractions and complexities he sees in the rap game today.