zenith. Opens-Up To Peaches N Pop About Successful Career Launch & More

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In a few words, please describe each of your singles, “Freddy Freddy,” “Skip,” and “Changes,” your latest singles.

All three singles capture so much of me in different ways. “Freddy Freddy” is the guilt, the anger, the shame, but also a realization of that with a hope to grow. “Skip” is the indifference, the sometimes fake carefreeness with a light heart. “Changes” is the nostalgia, the disbelief that so much can happen in this crazy journey we call life. All are zenith.

In a previous interview, you’ve shared, “I want to help somebody feel something; happy, sad, angry, whatever it may be.” Can you please develop and explain what you mean and how you are able to fulfill this task through your music?

Music is so much more than a combination of words and sounds. It has the potential to create really deep emotions, entire movies in a listener’s head. Throughout my life, I’ve found music to be something I turn to for clarity, to feel something deeper, or look at something from a different perspective. Because it means so much to me, more than anything else that’s the opportunity I want to give listeners when they hear my songs. I don’t think there’s a formula to accomplish this, but by being 100% me, I hope I can. Everyone’s story is different, but the feeling is universal.

Please briefly describe your very own style of music. Have you been influenced by other artists for this particular style or did it just come naturally while you were creating music?

My style is some combination of melodic rap and hip/hop, deeply inspired by artists like Juice WRLD, Polo G, Kanye – even Taylor Swift and Mike Posner. Beyond them, I admire so many different artists and genres that leave a lasting impact on me. Inspiration is important, but I used to really struggle in my music trying to sound and be like someone I’m not. It’s easy to get caught up in what you think is cool, versus what’s actually cool. What’s actually cool is being yourself. Doing that has allowed my style and sound to grow into what it has today.

Your debut single, released in 2022, “Freddy Freddy,” hinted at the monster inside, inspired by the fictional character, Freddy Krueger, from the American movie franchise A Nightmare on Elm Street. What led you to think of this character for creating this song? Please tell us the story behind it.

I had bad nightmares as a kid – all kinds of types – that kept me up at night and were tough to deal with, so it’s almost fitting that Freddy Krueger is the monster I chose for the song. Even though I spent that time in the past being “scared of monsters,” I found myself feeling like one through a few stretches of life as I got older. We all have the capacity to do bad sh**, to hurt people and lie – and “Freddy Freddy” captures the guilt I feel for that in my own life. It’s hopeful though – and I’ve never actually watched the Freddy Krueger Franchise – but I hope they were able to get rid of the monster, because that’s what I’ve tried to do and approached the song with pain, but with hope.

You feel a sense of responsibility to empower people through your music. Where did that motivation come from?

I’m way too hard on myself sometimes. I know you are too. We all can be. I’ve spent way too much time beating myself up instead of lifting myself up. I’m thankful to have a chance to make music, so it really is my responsibility to try to lift someone else up as well. There’s so much hate in this world, but there’s also so much love, and trying to spread a positive message in music makes it feel that much better. To whoever may read this, I believe in you, truly. Keep pushing.

What can fans expect from zenith. in 2023?

I can’t believe 2023 is already underway. At this point, I kind of judge time as “pre-covid” and “post-covid,” so I barely know what’s going on. Jokes aside, this is going to be a great year. I plan on releasing my debut album in the early stages and will keep spreading love with a growth mindset. My socials are a great spot to find updates. Thank you so much, PeachesnPop, for having me. I appreciate the opportunity!

Thank You!

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