Myke Towers Drops A Surprise EP Titled Sweet & Sour

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Puerto Rican rapper and singer-songwriter Michael Anthony Torres Monge, aka, Myke Towers, has been releasing hit after hit with the best in the industry. Among his latest singles are, “Playa del Inglés” with Quevedo, “Ulala” with Daddy Yankee, and the most recent “Whiskey y Coco” with Justin Quiles.

Towers now delights his fans with the first great release of 2023, introducing the EP Sweet & Sour, which includes three songs: “Pauta & Flow,” “Los Angeles,” and “El Joseo.” Integrating Trap, Hip Hop, and Reggae, each track offers a combination of different rhythms.

“El Joseo” talks about the effort one has to make in life to achieve their dreams, “I miss the warmth of my land and my people, but I will continue/There are more goals to achieve and dreams to pursue/ I go to work on the streets, because if not, nobody is going to do it for me,” sings Towers.

In “Los Angeles,” Myke talks about a girl who has completely stolen his heart, and in “Pauta & Flow,” the artist replies to all those who criticize him, “I’m never going to joke/ don’t ask me what happened/ Myke Towers has been killing them since he started,” he says in some of his stanzas.

Myke Towers announced the EP via his instagram account, a few hours after the three songs came out. 

Listen to Sweet & Sour on Spotify: