Michelle Ray Finds Herself Again In Latest Single “Run To”

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There’s no stopping the LA-based singer and songwriter, Michelle Ray! The fast-rising artist continues to establish herself, especially with “Run To,” which was released in November via Full Time Records. Written by Eric Lee Carpenter, Michael Blum, Michelle Raitzin, and Myah Marie Langstone, the Pop song is the ultimate empowerment track for everyone who is “Sick of shining the spotlight on” other people.

“Run To” perfectly portrays the ups and downs of a deteriorating relationship. Ray feels used and abused, as she sings “Can’t remember the last time you asked me about my life/ Sick of shining the spotlight on you/ And I don’t wanna be the one who cries right now/ No, I don’t really feel like being strong right now.”

With her breathtaking vocals and relatable lyrics, Michelle Ray succeeds in creating a song that resonates with the public. “Run To” tells the story of a woman who refuses to be undermined and takes back control of her life. Being in a challenging relationship takes a lot out of a person, especially if the affection given is unrequited.

Michelle Ray has had a great year, dropping back-to-back singles like “Run To,” “SNAP,” “Lover,” “What Is Love,” and “World Hold On.” She also recently shared a cover of Sam Smith’s and Kim Petras’ “Unholy.”

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