Jenny Mayhem Knows How To Make The Most Of A “Lazy Sunday”

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With recent successful releases like “Feel Alright,” “Karma Tattoo,” and “Tightrope,” it’s time to revisit one of Jenny Mayhem’s most delicate singles, “Lazy Sunday.” Luring in millions of followers, the Barbadian-Canadian artist always finds a way to play around with different genres and styles.

“Lazy Sunday” is from the EP Social Piranha, which was released in 2020. In addition to the title song, the 6-track record also includes “Soon,” “Winning,” “Slow Burn,” and “Who’s Gonna Love You?” Integrating her Caribbean influences and Canadian upbringing, Mayhem delivers music that ranges from Pop, Reggae, Rock, and Folk. 

Adding sarcasm and irony to her lyrics, Mayhem sings, “Drinking on my sofa/ Nobody has called me in days/ Sponsored ad on Insta’/ Help is just a number away/ What have I been searching?/ Anyways, next one down now wait/ I can recognize your face/ Look at that you’re doing the same thing/ Drinking on your sofa/ Calling it a lazy Sunday.”

Jenny Mayhem has been featured on CBC Radio and Spotify’s ‘Fresh Finds’ and ‘Cardio’ playlists as well as television placements on Hulu, MTV, the CW, and more. The fast-rising star has great surprises in store for her fans as she collaborates with the Toronto-based producer, Sugar Jesus.

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