María Becerra Premieres La Nena De Argentina

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Argentine urban star María Becerra releases her much-anticipated second album La Nena de Argentina. The 12-track record introduces the singer as a prolific solo artist, delivering a setlist that includes “Automático,” “Ojalá,” “Perreo Furioso,” “Hasta Que La Muerte Nos Separe,” “Cuando Hacemos el Amor,” and “Doble Vida.”

La Nena de Argentina helps listeners get to know Becerra more closely. What characterizes this new project is that it has no collaborations, since María wanted her audience to hear only her voice and everything she has to say in a more personal way. The fast-rising songwriter invites people on a journey that brings different genre elements together.

Incorporating several styles of rhythms from Bachata and Cumbia to Pop, Trap, Reggaeton and dancehall, Becerra succeeds in putting together a record that curates each genre as it should and does it with ultimate respect and admiration. There are two types of songs on La Nena de Argentina: “Sensual” and “Romantic.”

La Nena de Argentina is a mixture of sounds where Maria Becerra expresses what she felt at one specific moment in time, “I wanted to be me and do what I was born to do. I didn’t think that the songs would connect with each other. It’s the genre that I was born to do and the song that I wanted to do on that particular day.” 

María Becerra confesses that La Nena de Argentina is her most special album. The Argentine singer has mentioned it on many occasions, so all that is left to do now is enjoy it and listen to each song with that passion and feeling that she wanted to convey.

Listen to the full album here: