Sofia Laguente Shares A New Track “If You Care”

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Sofia Laguente has dropped yet another exquisite single titled “If You Care.” This latest tune is representative of Sofia’s perspective in a field where women are encouraged to “make it” as soon as possible since she now feels comfortable speaking up as a composer and artist.

This song connects with anybody who has ever felt alone while pursuing their aspirations, whether they be in a career or a relationship that doesn’t fulfill them. It teaches us to be self-assured and motivated. Her stunning, emotive vocals, which are supported by a catchy driving beat, rich synthesizers, and percussion accents that combined create an overall pleasant, feel-good mood, wonderfully express this message.

In her reflections on the production of “If You Care” in Los Angeles and the city’s competitive milieu, Sofia observes,

There’s something very empowering about the fact that when nobody expects anything from you, you have a freedom to do whatever you want. I wrote it about being a woman in the industry but I realised it can also relate to people that are in a relationship with someone who’s not fully in, and what’s helped me, regardless of whether it’s your job or romantic life, is surrounding yourself with people that empower you.

Sofa Lafuente creates entire universes for listeners to get caught in rather than just writing tunes. Her vast, cinematic, and passionate approach to alternative pop, which she has developed in partnership with producers and composers like Toby Scott, Liam Howe, and Sam Klempner, speaks profoundly to the human condition while opening doors to new vistas.

Sofia’s music draws heavily from the stage presence of Kate Bush, the allure of Stevie Nicks, and Shakira’s assurance to continuously develop new sounds. The Sofia we hear today is as authentic as it gets, drawing from her diverse influences. She thrives on being able to experiment with her music and the ideas and emotions she can convey.

With thousands of streams on “If You Care” already, Sofia Lafuente is on her way to the top of the charts!

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